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Delivery Driver's Attempt To Deliver Parcel Divides Opinion

Emily Brown

| Last updated 

Delivery Driver's Attempt To Deliver Parcel Divides Opinion

Featured Image Credit: u/Expert_Cartoonist730/Reddit

A delivery driver in Australia has divided opinion after footage shared online showed him throwing a parcel across a driveway.


Considering much of their day is spent on the road, it's not all that uncommon for delivery drivers to fall subject to public scrutiny – whether for good or bad.

Some have been celebrated for their impressive determination in delivering parcels, managing to safely launch boxes through open windows or through tight-fitting letter boxes, while others have come under fire after being caught seemingly mistreating parcels with rough handling.

This most recent instance of a delivery person coming under the public eye has prompted a combination of reactions, with many viewers taking to social media to share their thoughts after the footage was uploaded to Reddit.

In the clip, the driver can be seen standing on the far side of a gate that blocks the driveway and, in turn, his access to the door. It's unclear whether he attempted to get in touch with the homeowner via phone or a system on the gate, but the footage shows that he soon decides to leave the parcel without handing it directly to the recipient.

Delivery driver throws parcel (u/Expert_Cartoonist730/Reddit)
Delivery driver throws parcel (u/Expert_Cartoonist730/Reddit)

In order to achieve this, the driver can be seen throwing the parcel across the driveway in the direction of the house, before apparently taking a picture of the box to prove that it has been delivered.

Alongside the footage, the poster wrote sarcastically: "Delivered with care."

In response to the clip, some people have condemned the driver's decision to throw the parcel while others argued that he apparently had little other choice, other than taking the parcel back with him.

One person found sympathy with the driver, writing: "I used to deliver for Woolies during my uni years. Electric gates can f*ck off. Most people don't answer the buzzer on them, then you're stuck trying to get customer service to contact some muppet so they can press a single button and let you in. Meanwhile, your other 20 deliveries are now running late and you probably won't get a lunch break any more."

Another agreed, writing: "How was he meant to get in? Climb over the gate?"

Reddit app (Alamy)
Reddit app (Alamy)

One responder, however, argued that the video was unlikely the only time the package had been thrown, writing: "Also the package was probably already thrown about half a dozen times during the whole delivery process. They treat them even less lightly at the depots when no one is watching."

A fourth commented: "He could have just dropped it over the gate behind the bricks or left a card for them to go pick it up."

A large part of the mixed reaction no doubt comes from the lack of context surrounding the parcel – if it contained a pillow, most people would probably be grateful that the driver decided to throw it in the direction of the house, saving them the hassle of booking a redelivery. If it was a brand-new phone, on the other hand, the decision would seem much more annoying.

It's unclear whether the parcel was damaged as a result of the delivery driver's throw, but either way the footage acts as a good lesson: if you're expecting a delivery and have a gate, maybe leave it open.

Topics: Australia, Reddit, Viral

Emily Brown
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