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Furious woman locks DPD driver in gates after he 'refused to hand over parcel'

Furious woman locks DPD driver in gates after he 'refused to hand over parcel'

There's more to this story than meets the eye

Footage has emerged showing the moment a furious woman locked a DPD driver in her property after allegedly refusing to hand over her parcel. Check it out:

TikTok user @ryansm6 uploaded the clip, which shows the delivery man trying to climb a wooden fence by standing on top of a wheelie bin.

When he realises the fence leads on to another back garden, he takes the bin over to the property's metal gates and proceeds to climb them instead.

Meanwhile, he and the woman behind the camera take part in a heated exchange, with the DPD driver saying, "Trust me, you will never see this phone."

At one point, the woman turns the camera to show that she's got what looks like a receipt and her passport in her hand, saying, "I'm going to never see this phone now?"

Clearly there is some missing context, as the driver tells her he's 'going to report' her.

As he tries to climb the gates, the woman notices the package is hanging out of his pocket and tries to grab it.

The DPD driver escaped by using a wheelie bin.

But her attempt was in vain as he gets there first while telling her, "Get the f**k away from here."

The man lets her know that he's totally fine with her recording the whole thing, even though she claims he's 'stealing' her phone, which again seems to suggest there's something we don't know.

The caption reads, "When DPD wont give you your parcel so you lock them in," although people are divided as to who's in the wrong.

"Something sus here," wrote one, while another said, "Half a story. Where's the first part?"

A third added: "I feel like there’s far more to this story."

Some reckon they've figured out what actually happened, with one writing: "I’m betting you never answered the door so he marked it down as not delivered.

"Once in the system, he can’t undo it."

Another user chimed in: "If the ID don't match the address they can 100% refuse delivery."

A third added, "If the customer doesn’t have the correct details or wrong name they take it back to the depot for security," although the TikToker did reply, "She had a passport."

Many commenters suggested the woman was at fault.

Then there were those who have suggested that the police would be far more concerned about the woman's actions that those of the delivery driver's.

"I’m guessing the Rozzers would be more interested in 'Unlawful Detention' than a failed delivery," said one.

Whatever the case, it appears there's far more to this story than meets the eye.

LADbible has contacted DPD for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @ryansm6/TikTok

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