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Drunk Bloke Faceplants Car Window After Wife Forced To Pick Him Up After 'Too Many Pink Gins'

Drunk Bloke Faceplants Car Window After Wife Forced To Pick Him Up After 'Too Many Pink Gins'

He'd been out celebrating his birthday but the 'lightweight' had to be picked up by his wife

A woman filmed the hilarious moment her ‘lightweight’ husband had to be collected from a night out with his mates after knocking back a few too many pink gins. You can see him attempt to get into her car here: 

Garner Scott was out celebrating his birthday in Liverpool last weekend (Saturday 26 March), but his pals had to put in an emergency call to his wife Ellie, 34, at 4am to come and collect him. 

Footage shot by Ellie shows friends Peter Johnson and Luke Drew, helping Garner, 37, to the car before he faceplants into the passenger window, not once, but twice. 

Garner, clutching his burger, is then dumped into the car by his mates before lolling sideways and groaning. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the state he was in, Garner doesn’t have a very clear recollection of the night’s events and was shocked to see the clip the next day. 

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Ellie said: "He was so shocked when I showed him the video, he couldn't remember a thing.

"He remembers not being able to stand up but it's a blur.

"He can't remember faceplanting the car. He must have thick skin because he doesn't even have a mark.

"I'd planned on picking him up at about one o'clock but he was having too much of a good time to go home.

"He said he would make his own way back but hearing what state he was in I couldn't sleep.

"I messaged the lads and said I would go and pick them up and I got a message saying it was bedtime for him.

"I spotted him through the window of McDonald's and I could see what state he was in so I got my phone out and started filming him.

Kennedy News and Media

"He was spitting burger everywhere and he didn't shut up – he thought someone had punched him and taken his burger off him.

"He doesn't go out often and doesn't drink that much so he's a lightweight."

Ellie said her ‘lightweight’ husband's state was the result of too many pink gins and some shots, and once home, it took her and 15-year-old daughter Lilly about 15 minutes to get him inside. 

After sharing the footage online, Garner has gone viral, with the video clocking up more than 30,000 likes on Facebook. 

Ellie said: "Everyone is saying he's a legend. He's gone to work and people are chasing him down the road trying to get a photo of him.

"Every single person he's worked with over the past 20 years are coming to see him to get a photo because people don't believe that they know him.

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"People he hasn't spoken to for 20 years are getting in touch.

"We've even had people from Australia and New Zealand messaging us.

"He's not had a bad response to it I think because so many people have been in that position at least once in their lives. He's taken it well."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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