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Conspiracy theorists think fan spotted 'holding phone' at Elvis concert is 'proof of time travel'

Conspiracy theorists think fan spotted 'holding phone' at Elvis concert is 'proof of time travel'

Conspiracy theorists are convinced a woman at Elvis' final concert in 1977 is holding a phone.

Some suspicious minds believe they’ve spotted an Elvis Presley fan holding a ‘phone’ at his final concert in 1977.

The rock and roll icon performed his final show on 26 June 1977, years before mobile phones with cameras went on sale.

Now we’re used to seeing audiences film every little moment at concerts using their phones, which is why conspiracy theorists are convinced the shot of Presley’s show is proof of time travel.


Those with a keen eye spotted a woman holding a dark rectangular object, which some people recognised as a ‘phone’ filming Elvis as he performs in his white suit.

Footage from the concert and the lady holding what appears to be a phone was shared on Reddit, where the conspiracy theories and thoughts were rife in the comments section.

“Definitely looks a lot like one of today's phone cameras,” one person wrote.

Another Reddit user, who is totally convinced that the object is a phone that could only be used to take pictures ‘because of no cell tower’.

Conspiracy theorists think the woman is holding a phone.

They wrote: “ And the reason why people weren't freaked out is because cameras had already came out so I'm sure people thought it was just new tech that hadn't released yet, we see it all the time even in our time now.

“Plus I mean they are at an Elvis concert so they are paying attention to the king more than likely and aren't worrying about someone having something better than them IE new tech they can't buy yet whether from no money or from pre release (probably what they thought). Very interesting if nonetheless for the people that still doesn't believe it.”

Calling the whole situation ‘odd’, someone else said the other audience members would be ‘freaking out’ and ‘would be like what the hell is that!?!’ they added: “There were no cell phone towers back then so the phone would be useless except for taking pictures and videos.”

While someone else theorised: “Or is it an example of higher dimensional travel???”

Other people suggested the object was not a phone and gave a whole range of random objects it could have been, from a ‘cigarette case’ a ‘juice box’ or a ‘video camera’ even though cameras were huge in the 1970s.

Elvis Presley in 1956.
Phillip Harrington / Alamy Stock Photo.

Which leads us to the question – is time travel real? No human has been able to hop into a time the way we see it on Doctor Who or Power Rangers, however NASA has found that clocks on airplanes and satellites travel at different speeds than those on Earth.

An experiment used two clocks set at the same time. One clock remained on Earth while the other flew in an airplane traveling in the direction Earth rotates.

Once the plane finished its journey around the world and scientists compared the two clocks, the clock that was on the plane was slightly behind the clock that stayed on Earth.

And according to Albert Einstein’s relativity theory, space and time are linked together although nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

This means the faster you travel, the slower you experience time.

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