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Five Guilt-Free Out-Of-Office Examples for Autumn Holiday Peace of Mind

Five Guilt-Free Out-Of-Office Examples for Autumn Holiday Peace of Mind

Logging off for your autumn holiday and in need of a guilt-free excuse? Take a leaf from Expedia's guide of logging off in style

We’ve all been there. You spend weeks planning your dream break, wading through work days distracted by thoughts of sandy beaches, exotic adventures and warmer climates. Only to finally get to the holiday and find yourself unable to switch off from the world of work.

There’s that feeling of guilt and an ‘always on’ culture which is blurring the boundaries between time on and off the clock. While the post-pandemic phenomenon of flexible working has many perks, one of the downsides is that many of us feel unable to fully switch off.

In a recent Holiday Deprivation report by Expedia, more than half (52%) of Brits admitted to including their personal mobile numbers in their out-of-office replies and two in five (40%) go one step further and take their work laptops on holiday with them. 

This means that many people don’t actually get a proper break on their holiday and reap the sure-fire benefits of being able to fully unplug, relax and recharge. With 94% agreeing that regular holidays are important for general health and wellbeing - something that has been consistently backed up by research - it’s time to take back control of your holiday time.

From member rewards to expert advice, Expedia is committed to helping travellers get the most out of every trip and feel supported every step of the way. And so, they have come up with five guilt free examples for your OOO for ultimate peace of mind when you’re away.

1) Failure report…

To put a blatant reply of “Do-not-disturb”, this email can help redirect senders to an “error” and may even reduce the size of their ever-increasing inbox.

2) Anywhere But Here

This reply will let everyone know that body, mind, and soul are not in a working mode, but in a professional way.

3) Lost (and don’t want to be found)

Here’s a way to look responsible while lapping up the sunshine and cocktails on the beach.

4) Sorry, not sorry!

For those who have grand plans for a holiday, this email is the best for bragging rights, flaunting the itinerary with style while directing queries to coworkers while doing so.

5) Hasta la vista, baby

Lastly, the flight mode option always works.

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