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What is the frozen Kinder Bueno TikTok trend?

What is the frozen Kinder Bueno TikTok trend?

All you need is a Kinder Bueno chocolate bar and your fridge.

TikTok users are going wild for the frozen Kinder Bueno trend that’s currently sweeping the platform.

From Nature’s Cereal, to Gigi Hadid’s iconic pasta recipe, we’ve seen some pretty weird recipes take centre stage, but the frozen Kinder Bueno might be the easiest of them all.

It’s simple but surprisingly effective; all you need is a Kinder Bueno chocolate bar and your fridge. Throw it in there for an hour or two and voilá, you’re good to go.

TikTok foodies have been sharing their reactions to the trend, and judging by the huge response it’s getting, it is about to become a snack staple for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Foodies Nicola and Stephen gained over 1.6 million views on the video which sees them taking a bite of the frozen treat; within seconds, they turn to look at each other with a look of what can only be described as pure awe. 

The couple’s massive thumbs up and ‘1000/10’ rating were all the proof we needed that this trend is totally worth the hype. And their followers seem totally sold on it.

“Frozen Bueno hits different though,” one user said.

Another user commented that they’d been 'doing this for years'.


Some even left suggestions for other combinations, saying: “Bro try the WHITE ONE!”

And they’re not the only ones raving about it.

Mariyam on TikTok also had some great things to say about the treat, telling her followers that it was 'bussin' (aka delicious).

In the clip, she zooms into the frozen bar, showing us the layers of hazelnut and wafer. It’s an immediate yes from us. 

Her video gained thousands of views, with other users also agreeing with her verdict.

“The best yummm,” wrote one person.

Others tagged their friends to urge them to give the sweet treat a try.


After the trend went viral on the platform, some people have now decided to start experimenting further with the iconic chocolate bar. From mini cheesecake dessert shots, to Kinder Bueno frozen cocktails, the possibilities are endless. 

But look, we’re not complaining.

It's just the latest weird and wonderful trend to sweep the internet in recent months; we recently reported on the butter recipe that's designed to tackle the cost of living crisis.

After the cost of a 750g tub of Lurpak butter hit £7.25 at Sainsbury’s, Sass Bakes (@sassbakes) wrote on TikTok: "Fed up with the price of butter? Learn how to turn this [double cream], into this [butter], using only this [protein shaker bottle]."

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