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‘Genius’ parking feature has people thinking it should be implemented everywhere

‘Genius’ parking feature has people thinking it should be implemented everywhere

The feature has been branded 'elite' by some people who wonder why it hasn't been done before

A parking feature has impressed the public, who wish that it could be introduced worldwide.

All the drivers out there know how tough it can be to find a parking space when you're out, and even when you do find one, it's too narrow to open your door.

We don't all have cars that can easily turn 360 degrees, so fitting into tiny spaces are less than ideal.

We've all been there, circling the parking area, waiting for just one space to become available.

It's all made worse when someone who's been there for less time manages to find a space before you - thinking about it just makes my blood boil.

It can be one of the most stressful things about driving, but no-one has seemed to find a solution for it.

Until now.

On a Facebook group called 'Tasmania Parking Fails', a user shared a smart new way of parking that was on show at Glebe Hill shopping centre in Tasmania, Australia.

Parking spaces are separated by rectangles instead of white lines.
Facebook/Tasmania Parking Fails/Shane Smith

Spaces at the shopping complex were separated with larger rectangles, instead of the usual white lines.

It leaves more than the usual one to two inches between cars, meaning that when you do park, you have enough space to open the door and get out without any squeezing.

Chances of someone opening their door and denting your car are much lower too, leaving a lot more leeway.

If those positives aren't enough, it gives you even more space to readjust your car while parking without the worry of grazing cars next to you.

It's a wonder why this hasn't been thought of before as it also declutters the parking area.

Genius. Well done Aussies!

Although, that may be a downside too, as this layout does mean that there are less spaces overall to park in.

With this layout, you can easily park your car and open your door with no hassle.
Facebook/Tasmania Parking Fails/Shane Smith

I haven't seen that much space between parked cars in my life.

Users also shared the same enthusiasm, commenting their thoughts on the post.

One said: "Absolutely elite parking experience here there’s no denying it"

Another commented: "And people who have difficulty getting in and out of their vehicle would have enough room."

A third also said: "All places need it, can hardly get your kids out of the car with the way they are now".

Everyone seems to be onboard with these revolutionary parking spaces, and that it would genuinely change the parking experience.

UK, I really hope you're taking notes.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Shane Smith / Tasmania Parking Fails

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