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Groom divides opinion for displaying 'help me' message to wedding guests at ceremony

Groom divides opinion for displaying 'help me' message to wedding guests at ceremony

Some people labeled it a huge red flag.

A man has divided opinion after displaying a message to his wedding guests during his ceremony.

The bride and groom appeared to be well into their nuptials and one attendee captured the moment the man pulled out his phone and flashed it behind him.

At this point, he was tethered to his bride-to-be in what appeared to be a traditional ritual while a hymn was sung.

His phone showed a message saying 'HELP ME!!!'.

The cry for help ran across the screen twice before the groom put the phone back in his pocket.

It was a short but sweet moment that elicited a few laughs from the audience.

The video was uploaded to social media, where the wedding guest captioned it with: "Imagine planning a whole wedding and your man does this..."

It seems like not everyone was on board with the little wedding joke and some even called it a big red flag.

One person said: "Explain the joke to me bc I fail to see how this isn’t to humiliate the bride."

Another added: "If my husband-to-be did this he would no longer have a wife

A third wrote: "I don't see why the 'husband wants to get away from wife' thing is so popular?"

This bloke isn't the first person to do a stunt like this at his wedding and he likely won't be the last.

He had some people in his corner defending him, saying it was just a lighthearted joke that was meant to break the tension.

"He obviously has an awesome sense of humour and I guess, so does she. She knows the man she is marrying. I love people who can make you laugh," said one viewer.

Another said: "My dad put that on the bottom of his shoes. everyone laughed. It was a joke."

A different user comments: "Imagine spending all this money on a wedding just to marry a person with an amazing sense of humor."

Look, you're not going to have everyone agree on the idea and hopefully the bride was in on the joke, which would mean everything is fine.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mrjexer

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