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Outraged Honeymooners 'Hit With Staggering 400 Euro Bill' After Popping In For 'Quick Snack'

Outraged Honeymooners 'Hit With Staggering 400 Euro Bill' After Popping In For 'Quick Snack'

That's one expensive bite to eat

A honeymooning couple were left with a sour taste after being slapped with what they claim to be a 400 euro bill for a 'quick snack' and a couple of bevvies. You can check out a video of their story below:

Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex, both 30, were on their post-wedding trip in Mykonos, Greece, when they decided to swing by a restaurant named DK Oyster.

The couple, who got married in Italy in May, said they had only dropped in for a quick snack, but were left gobsmacked by the hefty charge for their order, which included a beer, an Aperol spritz and 12 oysters.

What's more, Lynsey claims that Alex was taken into a backroom to settle the bill, which he did without contesting the price as he felt intimidated.

She said: "We went to the oyster bar for a bite to eat and a drink. They immediately said 'do you want oysters?' They were very presumptuous."

The couple enjoyed their snack unaware of the hefty bill that awaited them.
Kennedy News and Media

The recruiter from Canada said that their waiter was 'lurking around the table the whole time'.

"When we'd finished the oysters, he was trying to get us to have crab legs and thank goodness we didn't," she explained.

"My husband went to the toilet and when he came back he said he thought he'd seen a menu inside that said it was 29 Euros per oyster and I said there's no way."

After being asked if they wanted desserts, the couple declined and decided to settle the bill.

"When we were ready to leave, I went to the washroom and they had my husband go into a back room to pay which is sketchy," said Lynsey.

"They gave him the bill which was over 400 euros. He was shocked and asked for a breakdown.

That bill is no joke.
Kennedy News and Media

"They had a computer screen that they turned to him and it was all in Greek but we don't speak Greek.

"He got a sketchy vibe from them and didn't want to get himself in a bad situation so he ended up paying it.

"He definitely felt intimidated and he's the friendliest guy so even if the bill was double he probably would have paid it to avoid any problems."

The couple had only been in Mykonos for one night before flying to Athens ahead of their return to Canada.

Lynsey continued: "Luckily we had enough money left, we were using our credit card for larger expenses. I can imagine how someone would end up with no money."

Lynsey and Alex are now warning others to avoid the restaurant.
Kennedy News and Media

According to their account, other restaurant owners apologised on behalf of DK Oyster, with one even telling them that they warn other tourists to stay away as it 'doesn't represent who the Greek people are'.

LADbible has contacted DK Oyster for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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