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Man shows why you should ‘never trust’ a hotel safe with simple trick to open one

Man shows why you should ‘never trust’ a hotel safe with simple trick to open one

The TikToker seems to claim it's very easy to get inside them

Here’s another new fear unlocked for you. And ironically, it’s about unlocking things.

To be fair, if you’re a bit more of a paranoid person, you may already have fears around using the safe in a hotel room.

And this bloke’s shared why that is a relatively valid thing to worry about.

A TikTok claims why you should ‘never trust’ a hotel safe with this simple trick to open one up.

User Leo Lenier pointed out a potential flaw to the things that are supposed to keep our valuable items safe and sound.

Based in Vegas, the TikToker placed cash inside one and locked it as he said: “If you’ve ever used a hotel safe and forgot your combination, all is not lost.”

So, while Leo was actually claiming how simple it is to access your things when you’ve messed up, he ended up seemingly demonstrating how easy it is to literally break into safes.

Leo reckons it's very easy to unlock them.

“All of these safes come with a master code to open them up,” he explains.

The man then shows how pretty much anyone can unlock this style of safe when it’s totally locked.

“All you need to do is hit the lock button twice, you’ll see the word ‘super’.”

Then, he says you just press the ‘zero’ button six times, and ‘if the hotel has not changed their master code’ on the safes, then it should open right up for you.

Leo also claims that most hotels don’t bother to change the master codes, so it’s likely to work a lot of the time.

And this hack freaked plenty of users out who realised ‘your money is not safe in this safe’.

Hotel safes are meant to keep our things, well, safe.
brightstars/Getty Images

One commented: “Yup, never using the hotel safe if that’s all you have to do to get in it lol.”

Plenty echoed: “So then it isn’t a safe then,” as one said it’s ‘why I don’t use hotel safes’.

Another recommended: “Test that code before you put any valuables in there.”

And one even joked: “Thanks bro I just made 600 dollars and some family pictures."

With another saying: “Wow, thanks! I will go and go get some money.”

But others believe: “The master code is always changed by management therefore will never be 0000.”

Another also said: “I’m in a hotel now, it doesn’t work. There’s no super after hitting the lock button twice. Maybe it’s just your safe.”

With another saying: “You need a physical key to open those.”

Is it really worth the risk though?

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/leo..lenier

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