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Teen Had To Drink Half A Litre Of Vodka To Save His Own Life

Stewart Perrie

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Teen Had To Drink Half A Litre Of Vodka To Save His Own Life

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

When you've had a massive night on the sauce, you'll know the feeling you get when you simply look at alcohol the next day. It can cause dry retching or even a cheeky vom because the sight or smell of booze is enough to send you over the edge.

Well, imagine being told that you have to gulp down half a litre of vodka to not only get over your hangover, but to save your life?

That's what one Aussie teenager suffered while on a footy trip in Bali after having a severe case of methanol poisoning

Credit: Bailey Chalmers
Credit: Bailey Chalmers

Bailey Chalmers was holidaying in Seminyak with some mates when they went to a 'reputable' bar for some drinks. He knew the dangers of drinking booze in South-East Asia and had heard the horror stories of people being served methanol instead of alcohol, which can wreak havoc on your body.

So when he saw appropriately priced cocktails, he thought he was getting the real deal.

Writing on Facebook, the 19-year-old said: "The morning after I woke up with a pretty typical hangover and was of course toey to go out with the boys again...until the real symptoms started kicking in.

"I had the most excruciating hangover, with severe body aches, difficulty breathing and blurred vision. Upon visiting a medical centre, I was sent to Bali's International Hospital immediately."

Bailey explains that his travel insurance wasn't helping him in his situation because it would take a couple of days to review his claim, and the hospital wouldn't take him unless he could pay up front.

Credit: Siim Teller/Creative Commons
Credit: Siim Teller/Creative Commons

But he eventually found some useful information from the LIAM Foundation. Once he worked out that it wasn't a brutal hangover he was suffering from, and instead was enduring methanol poisoning, he realised what he had to do.

Bailey continued: "Strangely enough, the treatment is actually to consume a controlled dose of ethanol (alcohol), which reverses the effects of methanol.

"Fortunately, through the help and advice of Colin Ahearn from the LIAM Foundation, I was able to to get the correct treatment... which was pretty much to sink 500ml of duty free vodka.

"So yeah had a pretty good night!"

He's using his experience as a warning to others about the dangers of consuming spirits in places like Bali.

A screenshot from a video purporting to show locals filling spirit bottles with methanol. Credit: Bailey Chalmers
A screenshot from a video purporting to show locals filling spirit bottles with methanol. Credit: Bailey Chalmers

"An estimated 10 people die per day from methanol poisoning in Indonesia, and silly people like me still thinks it's okay to drink spirits in Bali," he added.

"It doesn't matter if you are drinking at a local bar or at the fanciest place in Bali, it can happen to anyone."

The LIAM (Lifesaving Initiatives About Methanol) Foundation, was developed by Lhani and Tim Davies, the parents of Liam Davies who died of methanol poisoning after being served what the bar staff stated was genuine imported Vodka Limes mixes in Indonesia in 2013.

They've been providing people with information about the drinking culture in Indonesia ever since and no doubt saved many people's lives.

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Stewart Perrie
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