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Man unwraps his bananas before weighing them to save money

Man unwraps his bananas before weighing them to save money

Work smarter, not harder, people.

A man has been captured embodying the essence of the 'work smarter, not harder' mentality.

His partner posted a video to her TikTok account showing how he carefully unwraps each individual banana before weighing them to save money.

You can only imagine how those fruits would end up on the drive home from the supermarket but, hey, who are we to judge.

While the skin isn't a Fort Knox-level of defence against the outside world, it does at least provide some protection to each banana.

So, the risk versus reward on this hack is debatable.

However, it seems like people were divided on the idea after the video went viral on TikTok.


It's been viewed more than 800,000 times and some people urged the woman to break up with the bloke.

However, others suggested he will save more money than all of us due to his frugalness.

Users also questioned whether this was allowed at the supermarket.

One person said: "Is that even legal? Just steal the banana you can save more."

Another added: "Nah that gotta be illegal."

Some people even suggested he should weigh the banana without a plastic bag to save even more money.

However, if bananas are treated in the same way as broccoli then you might want to avoid repeating this hack.

A supermarket in Australia had to issue a statement after a person went viral on social media for cutting off their broccoli stem to save money.

In June last year, broccoli rose to a shocking $11.90 (USD $​​8.18 or £6.75) a kilo, so it's no surprise people were hacking off the bit of the vegetable they didn't want to eat.

Not long after the video went viral, a sign was erected at a supermarket that said: “ATT customers. You must not break the stems of the broccoli.

“This is classed as theft. All broccoli purchases will be checked at the registers. Thanks, Management.”

The sign also said that all broccoli would be checked at the counter before purchase is made.

Following reports of customers altering the leafy vegetable, a TikTok user named Jenn Shaw posted a video of how to utilise all parts of broccoli.

In the video, she purchased leftover discarded stems at a supermarket and used them to cut into small chunks, ideally for a salad or stir fry.

Many users applauded Shaw for not wasting the vegetable and said they would do the same next time they bought it.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/savingforboba

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