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Woman Leaves Husband After Discovering He Is Sleeping With Her Mum

Woman Leaves Husband After Discovering He Is Sleeping With Her Mum

The woman shared the story on an Australian radio show

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Being cheated on is bad enough, but it's a whole lot worse when your partner cheats on you with somebody you know.

Spare a thought though for a woman in Australia, whose husband cheated on her with her mum.

Tanya called in and shared the details of her heartbreaking/juicy story on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Monday morning.

The 27-year-old said she had previously forgiven her husband for cheating on her with one of her friends - which in hindsight seems like a bad call. But her hubby - with whom she has a six-year-old daughter - continued to seem emotionally distant and Tanya began to grow suspicious once more.

After originally approaching her to confide in, Tanya began to suspect her mum may be having an affair with her husband and decided to confront her.

She said: "It was just recently, about a couple of weeks ago. I confronted her on the phone.

"She basically got all defensive, blamed everything on him, called me a lot of names.

"She didn't confirm it or deny it."

Tanya shared her story on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.
KIIS/The Kyle and Jackie O Show

Asked by the radio hosts how she knew her mum had been sleeping with her husband, Tanya said: "My family confirmed it, I don't know why they didn't tell me, but they didn't.

"My gut instinct [is that they did sleep with each other]; as soon as I confronted both of them, they blamed each other, they got all defensive, they blamed each other. There were so many red flags, I just couldn't take it anymore."

Man, that's rough.

But rather than ask how she's coping or anything sensitive like that, Kyle felt this was a good time to go in with: "Is your mum really hot, or what are we talking about here?"

You know, that impossible-to-answer question.

Kyle was keen to know how fit Tanya's mum is.
KIIS/The Kyle and Jackie O Show

Tanya took it with good grace though, and replied: "We've both got good genes, I don't know - she was a looker back in the day."

Clearly not done, Kyle replied: "Alright, so she's not one of those Instagram type of oldies that are super hot and everyone's sort of jerking off over it?"

"No," replied Tanya, predictably.

Jackie O then asked if Tanya and her mum were close and Tanya began by saying, "We were close..."

But before she could finish, back came comforting Kyle, who interjected: "But she rooted your husband and that really dampened it?"

So the takeaway from this story: if two of the people closest to you in this world betray you in the most horrific way imaginable, don't go phoning Kyle for counselling.

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