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Woman furious as date leaves her with £260 bill after finding out how much money she makes

Woman furious as date leaves her with £260 bill after finding out how much money she makes

Annie Knight was left stunned when the bloke volunteered her to cover their tab

Usually when the bill arrives on the first date, both parties do the delicate dance about who is going to pay and each insists they will cough up the cash.

It's just common courtesy when you're meeting someone for the first time. Of course, you might be hoping the other person stumps up the money, but you have to at least offer.

So, you can imagine how this woman got the shock of her life when a bloke volunteered her to cover the tab after their posh dinner date.

Take a look here:

Annie Knight said there certainly won't be a round two after the man expected her to fork out for their food and drinks because he knows how much she earns.

The OnlyFans star, 26, explained she had been chatting to a guy on Hinge for around a week before they decided to meet up in Melbourne, Australia.

But it seems he had done a full internet deep dive on the blonde beforehand, as he was well aware that she rakes in quite a few quid with her saucy online platform.

Detailing her dating dilemma in a TikTok video, Annie said: "We went out to a really nice restaurant had a great dinner, he was pretty... pretty good.

"If I had to rate the date I would probably say he was like a 7/10, he was fine.

Annie was outraged that the bloke expected her to solely pick up the bill.

"We had lots of cocktails, a bottle of wine, like it was lots of fun."

She then headed to the bathroom - probably to debrief her mates like the rest of us - and returned to find the bill on the table.

But the mystery man didn't seem to pay any attention to it and the receipt for their night on the tiles just 'sat there for ages'.

Annie continued: "We're still talking and it is getting a bit awkward now. I don't expect the guy to pay but I always expect them to at least offer and it is fine to go halves.

"Eventually the waiter comes over and is like are you guys ready to pay?

The OnlyFans star rakes in loads of cash with her online antics.

"And he just looks at me and goes, she's paying. $500 (£260)."

The social media star could hardly believe that her date had announced she would be covering the bill.

She added: "I assume he's seen all the stories about how much money I make and just thought I'd cop the bill. I don't care if I pay the bill but like what?

"So, safe to say I will not be seeing that man again."

Earlier this year, Annie revealed that she rakes in $150,000 (£78,000) a month with her OnlyFans antics.

She also proudly declared she has slept with over 300 people - but that's a story for another time.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/AnnieKnight96

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