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Size 30 Woman Claims She's Shed Half Her Body Weight By Drinking Her Own Urine

Size 30 Woman Claims She's Shed Half Her Body Weight By Drinking Her Own Urine

As well as drinking her urine, she also washes her hair and brushes her teeth with it

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman who lost nine-and-a-half stone has credited her incredible weight loss to drinking her own urine.

Yup, you read that correctly. Leah Sampson, 46, says she's managed to shed the pounds thanks to drinking her own wee, as well as using it to brush her teeth, wash her hair and even rinse her eyes.

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Leah, a mother-of-two from Alberta, Canada, saw her weight creep up to 18st 12lbs - and was wearing a UK size 30 - after a lifetime of indulging in what she calls a 'standard American diet' with lots of beef, pork and chicken. As well as suffering from chronic fatigue, Leah says her hands and arms became so numb she couldn't wash her hair.

The pain she was in left Leah feeling that she didn't want to live anymore, but it was then that she came across 'urine therapy' and decided to give it a whirl.

Alongside the urine therapy, Leah also follows a 'hunter/gather diet', meaning she ditched the heavily processed foods in favour of 'natural food'.

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Now she weighs 10st 10lbs and wears a UK size 14; and is hoping to help and inspire others.

"At the age of 40, I was losing so much function in my arms that I couldn't wash my own hair. I cried out in tears to God; begged and prayed for answers, telling God that I would do whatever he wanted me to if he would only heal me," she said.

"A few moments after that prayer, my friend sent me a YouTube video link of Andrew Norton Webber with Lisa Harrison regarding distilled water; its benefits to my physical, emotional, and even spiritual health.

"I realised that this was the sign our Creator had sent me, and that if wanted to become well, I would need to re-ingest my urine like I did when I was a foetus.

Media Drum World

"I stood up in the bathtub, urinated into my hands, and drank it. I noted immediately that I ingested too much sodium and vowed to begin removing sodium from my diet immediately.

"Within moments I realised how much better I felt so I thanked God and then was told that I would now have to go out and share urine therapy with people."

Although there is no scientific evidence to back up the reported benefits of drinking piss, Leah reckons it's the secret to her drastic weight loss and vows to keep it up.

"I still drink my urine to keep off the weight and will continue to do so for the rest of my life," she said.

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"I capture my urine midstream after 3am, drink about half of it, and then sip the rest of it throughout the day; brushing my teeth, whilst also swishing my mouth and gargling with it.

"I collect my urine in glass jars throughout the day and shower with it at night. Not only do I brush my teeth with it, I wash my hair and use it to rinse my eyes and clean my skin.

"Losing weight has drastically improved the quality and outlook of my life giving me the opportunity to survive and thrive while opening doors for opportunities."

I mean, fair play to her, you can't really knock her commitment to the cause - remembering to collect her wee at 3am and then knock it back like some sort of energy drink when most of us would struggle to find the bathroom light is no mean feat.

She added: "Most people can't believe how much weight I've lost. I've literally l lost the weight of another person, to which I often respond, 'yes I did. I lost the bitch off my back'.

"I've had doctors and other medical staff tell me that they would have never believed that I was morbidly obese at any point in my life, had they not looked at my medical record.

"My advice is to go to your family and naturopathic doctors devise a plan, and start asking anyone and everyone in your community for help and support."

Personally, given the choice between being overweight and pouring piss into my eyes, I'd choose the former, but each to their own, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum World

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