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Man receives classic happy birthday message from James Buckley

Man receives classic happy birthday message from James Buckley

The Inbetweeners star has made a fortune sending messages to his fans

James Buckley has sent one of his fans a classic message to celebrate his birthday.

The Inbetweeners star has been raking in the cash from personalised messages off the back of the much-loved sitcom, and one fan was treated to a generous dose of catchphrases for his dollar.

Check it out here:

In a video uploaded on TikTok, Leon Armes shared the birthday wishes he'd received from Buckley, who is best known for playing prolific liar and gobs***e Jay in the hit series, which aired from 2008 until 2010.

Channeling his former character, the 35-year-old said: "I hope you have a great day and I hope you get to see some friends.

"Ohhh friends, birthday friends, MMA friends, ohhh I'm an MMA fighter - by the way, if you want any tips and tricks, let me know, come to me, I know my way around the octagon.

"But most importantly Leon, as it is your special day mate, I reckon if you play your cards right, if you don't bore everyone to death banging on about how you won your last fight with a knockout in the first round - I mean, we've all done that - you might get knee-deep in clunge at some point. Yeah?

"Just make sure you put the balls in. Do the one pump orgasm, you will have them frothing at the gas guaranteed.

"Whatever you do, just don't be a bus w****r. Happy birthday Leon!"

I mean, fair play, if you're paying Buckley for a birthday message that is presumably exactly what you're hoping for.

Buckley is well-versed at this now.

Buckley has been selling personalised video messages on Cameo for a while now, and it's not just some half-arsed side project - he's put serious time in and made serious money.

In September, it was announced that he was the first person in the UK to rake in $1,000,000 (£840,000) from the site.

If you visit his page at the moment, it shows he is charging £41 per message and has a 4.97 star rating from 6,330 reviews, so it seems his customers are happy they're getting bang for their buck(ley).

Cameo co-founder Martin Blencowe said: "James was incredibly popular from the start, but he’s stayed committed to his fans, always keeping an accessible price (even during his busiest periods) and giving his all to make each Cameo special.

"In return, he's gained the financial freedom and overwhelming fan support to pursue the projects he's most passionate about like 2:22 - A Ghost Story, the West End play I was fortunate enough to see him and Tom [Felton] star in, and his family's YouTube channel, At Home With The Buckleys."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@leonarmes1

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