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Expert says there's a question you should ask in a job interview which could help you get more money

Expert says there's a question you should ask in a job interview which could help you get more money

If you want your new job to pay more there's a question you can ask

If you've been job hunting for a while now you'll know the pain of sending out literally hundreds of applications for jobs you know you can do, only to hear absolutely naff all back.

It can be a bit demoralising but unfortunately you've just got to stick at it until you get an offer, though immediately biting your new bosses head off might not be the wisest move.

While you might be in a situation where you're just glad to get the job, you've got to consider what your pay is going to be when you're actually working it.

Considering how f**ked things are financially it might be an idea to follow some expert advice and see if you can push that salary up a bit higher.

Anna Papalia, the author of Interviewology: The New Science of Interviewing, said there was one question you should ask if you get offered a job before you sign on the dotted line.

She said there was one question you should ask after getting the job.

Her advice to people who got a job offer was to 'never accept it on the spot', saying that she's 'made thousands of job offers' in her time and never once made her 'best offer' to accompany the message that the job had been secured.

"Would you make your best offer out of the gate?" she said on TikTok, explaining that there was often 'room to negotiate' a salary once you'd been told the job was yours.

She said there was one question anyone getting a job offer should ask before shaking hands, signing names and trying to figure out what the office dress code would be: "Thank you so much, is this negotiable?"

If they say 'no' then you'll be back where you started, and if they say 'yes' there's some new wiggle-room to be found in their salary offer.

Papalia explained that if you were getting the job then you likely made your way through a huge amount of applicants and outshone others in an interview process to the point that they want you in particular.

Not everyone thinks it's a good idea to try and negotiate after getting a job offer.
Aitor Diago/Getty

According to her at that point 'they're gonna do anything in their power to hire you', which means suddenly you have the ability to ask for more.

The dynamics shift from you having to impress them to being the one that they want and them considering what more they'd do to get you on board.

However, plenty disagreed with Papalia that this was the right thing to do, as they commented that they'd rather take the offer in front of them than risk jeopardising a potential job.

One person even said they'd tried this and ended up having their job offer rescinded, while another said you should only try this if you're a 'high skilled professional in a field where there isn't enough workers'.

A third said that trying to negotiate could lead to seeing the job offer being sent to the candidate in second place to see if they'd accept the offer.

Other employers chipped in to say that sometimes they did actually make their best offer to start with, rendering negotiations a little bit moot.

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