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Student applies for nearly 500 jobs and people are baffled by his results

Student applies for nearly 500 jobs and people are baffled by his results

The computer science major is doing everything he can for a tech job.

A university student who applied for nearly 500 jobs has revealed the shocking outcome.

Back in the day, our parents would tell us to go to uni, get a good job and live happily ever after.

The key bit of info they missed out was just how hard it is to get a job, even as a graduate.

From personal experience, it took months to get a role in my desired field, and I know many others from my course who, instead, decided to take different employment routes as a result.

Olie Wu wouldn't take no for an answer.

But if we're being honest with ourselves, I don't think any us made the effort to apply for 456 internships.

Meet Oliver Wu, a computer science major, who has experienced the first-hand struggles of entering into the working world.

Taking to TikTok, Wu shared his spreadsheet which showed the status and success of his applications, with columns to mark down interview stages, Google search links and focus group referrals.

The University of Michigan student started applying for internships in July, before he even started his course.

Speaking to Newsweek, Wu said: "Usually, I would open up two or three job boards, see what new jobs were posted, and then apply to all of the jobs if the salary, location, roles etc. met what I was looking for."

"I also kept track of which companies I had referrals to and checked on a weekly basis if those companies had opened up their applications."

Olie created a detailed spreadsheet to track his progress.

Shockingly, Wu revealed that out of the 456 applications, 56 interviews, 30 technical assessments and 22 second and third-round assessments, he'd received just one offer.

"The hardest part was staying positive and working hard, despite having hundreds of rejections," he said.

Viewers were stunned, as one person commented: "This makes me even more hopeless because I don’t even have the willpower to do all that."

"The struggle is real. Also having a hard time to find a job," a second added.

Thankfully, when Wu landed the internship, he felt like a 'massive weight had been lifted' off his shoulders.

"I was in class at the time and I remember stepping out, going into the hallway and jumping up and down while silently screaming in excitement for around 10 minutes," he said.

Also reflecting on his journey to find a role, Wu highlighted the one thing he wish he did sooner to increase his chances, after one person commented: "Guys MAKE CONNECTIONS. Network in college, it's literally all about who you know. I know people who didn't apply and had 4-5 job options off just knowing people." To which Wu replied: "THIS!!! wish I knew sooner."

After receiving a job offer from Ford, Wu soon received another two more offers from different companies.

You know what they say, if at first you don't succeed... try 455 more times.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@oliesandroid

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