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Job interviewer ‘meets his match’ after interviewee gives ‘perfect’ answer to iconic question

Job interviewer ‘meets his match’ after interviewee gives ‘perfect’ answer to iconic question

This bloke had a brilliant answer to the infamously tricky question

There's a few questions that all of us get blindsided by in job interviews which leave us wishing we could tell employers how well we work as part of a team instead.

Potential recruits have to be on stand-by for all sorts of curve balls these days, but there is one particular interview question which arises in the sales sector which still catches people off guard.

And seen as though Jon Bernthal's character in The Wolf of Wall Street, Brad Bodnick, is such a big act to follow in this department, many people are downright terrified of tackling an impromptu pitch like he did.

You know the scene where Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) asks him to sell him the pen and he cooly comes up with an impeccable answer? Well imagine that, but with water instead.

Business mogul Grant Cardone put a string of interviewees through their paces when he challenged them to flog him a glass of water, but people reckon one bloke managed to come up with the 'perfect' answer to the iconic question.

And this is a guy who believes a 'good pitch will get you far in life', so you can imagine the pressure the candidate, named Dan, felt when he was given the task by the the tough-talking entrepreneur.

Grant Cardone wasn't taking any prisoners in the job interview.

In a clip shared to YouTube in 2016, the interviewee made it clear he wasn't keen on the glass of water question from the get-go though and complained that he 'wanted to sell himself' rather than H2O.

Dan's pitch began on a pretty poor note, as he told Grant he 'understood he was looking for some water' before fumbling over the next few sentences which came out of his mouth.

This lacklustre start didn't prompt any sympathy from the real estate titan though, who quickly reminded him he was on the hunt for serious candidates and said he wasn't interested in 'pretenders or wannabes'.

Dan then tried to regain control of his failing pitch and said: "How are you going to be using that water? How are you going to be using it, what are you going to use it for? What is the purpose that your looking for, you going to do a slip and slide?

Dan managed to give the 'perfect' answer, according to viewers.

"Are you going to gargle with it? Are you going to shower with it? How are you going to be using the water?"

Various suggestions then got flung about, but the pair seemed to settle on the idea that Grant could gargle with it - although he then told the prospective employee he didn't actually want any water for that purpose, saying: "I'm not even looking for water, you've got a shot at selling it. I'm not even thirsty."

Dan then hit back: "Why should I sell it if your not even thirsty? I want to make sure this is the right water for you so I'm trying to get an idea of how exactly you're going to be using it."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is apparently the perfect answer - according to YouTube users.

Commenting on the clip, one said: "That guys exactly right. You don’t sell to someone who’s not in the market for the water."

Another wrote: "Grant has met his match."

And a third added of Dan's performance: "He did great on composure, worked well under pressure."

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Grant Cardone

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