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Kid still won't receive Christmas present from family member after three years to repay Fortnite bill on grandma's card

Kid still won't receive Christmas present from family member after three years to repay Fortnite bill on grandma's card

The little lad racked up quite the bill for his nan

Another year, another present under the tree for lots of wishing kids at Christmas.

Well, except for this little lad, as it’s a third year of missing out on a certain Xmas gift thanks to a hefty Fortnite bill he racked up.

Ah, to be young wild and free of credit card worries.

Imagine how much easier it would be to be tempted to whack that ‘complete purchase button’ when you’re not spending your own money.

Playing on his uncle’s Nintendo Switch, the 10-year-old made purchase after purchase, bagging battle passes and cosmetics.

But he racked up a mega $300 (£238) of purchases – all on his nan’s card.

In a post on Reddit, the uncle, who goes by Pandalungs, explained that his nephew had got his grandma's card on the account by asking for one initial $10 (£7.90) purchase.

The child racked up the charges while playing Fortnite.

Over time, however, he kept on spending and claimed each time it was 'always a mistake'.

"He would immediately text and apologize [sic] and got to where he asked us not to tell his parents. My mom wouldn't do anything about it other than tell him to stop. I tried to stay out of it because it was between them," Pandalungs explained in the post.

As the 'mistakes' continued to rack up, the uncle got 'fed up' and asked his brother to get his Switch back from his nephew.

"He brought it back to me. Nephew kept asking to have it back and was apologizing [sic] but the answer was no," Pandalungs wrote.

The Reddit user then said he told his brother about the charges but claimed he 'couldn't/wouldn't pay [the grandma] back' despite 'acting concerned'.

As the grandma 'wasn't going to force them to pay back the money', the uncle decided to take matters into his own hands.

The kid's uncle won't be buying him a gift for a while.
Alexandr Kolesnikov/Getty Images

In the post, which has been shared on the thread 'Petty Revenge', the uncle explained that he'd decided to withhold the $25-$50 (£20-£40) gifts he usually gives to his nephew for Christmas and birthdays.

"He could pay back his debt over the next 3-6 years, and I'd make sure she got it since we have some linked bank accounts," the uncle explained.

And now we’re up to three years, so hopefully for the lad it won’t be too long before he gets to unwrap a present from his uncle again.

Although his grandma 'still buys him gifts', his uncle made clear she's 'being repaid one way or another'.

Featured Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/ack Thomas - WWFC/Wolves/Getty Images

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