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Kid puts family to shame as he solves baffling maths question in seconds

Kid puts family to shame as he solves baffling maths question in seconds

A young kid has put his family to shame as he solved a baffling maths puzzle in seconds

A young kid has put his family to shame after solving a puzzling maths question in just a matter of seconds.

The new maths puzzle has been a trend across social media as of late, which has been leaving many people stumped.

On paper, the puzzle sounds quite simple - it involves a sum that is mathematically incorrect and all you have to do is make it a correct one.

However, what makes it difficult is that you can add only one line to the sum to make it correct.

Well, a video that was posted by the TikTok account @xivectt75 shows one family trying to complete one of these puzzles and a young lad manages to solve it in seconds:

The puzzle starts off with the incorrect sum of 5 + 5 = 550, with the man explaining to his wife how to solve the puzzle.

In the video, the man says: "With one line, I want you to make this addition equation correct. Only one line."

The woman then lists all the possible ways she thinks she can solve the puzzle, including using her one line to make the number 1, changing one of the 5's to a 15, or even to a 51.

However, she quickly realised none of these would fix the sum to be correct so went back to the drawing board.

The woman then thought she had a breakthrough and finally cracked the code, but she was quickly shut down by the man.

The woman was tasked with answering the maths question in a viral video.

She attempted to create a not equals sign into the equation which would state that 5 + 5 does not equal 550.

Despite this actually being correct, the man told her to solve the puzzle, she must complete a correct addition equation.

At this point, the woman accepted defeat even after one of her sons had tried to help her as well.

During this whole video, a young child was sitting next to the woman quietly drawing and occasionally glancing over at the camera.

Just as the man was about to reveal the answer, the kid grabbed the piece of paper and solved the puzzle in a matter of seconds by drawing one vertical into the first plus sign to create a four.

This would turn the equation into 545 + 5 + 550, which is indeed correct.

The boy shocked everyone by completing the puzzle in seconds.

As he dropped the paper in a mic drop moment, the boys said: "That was easy." *Mic drop*

Commenters on the viral TikTok had divided opinions on the level of difficulty with this puzzle.

One viewer said: "wow....that was incredible."

A second disagreed: "That boy is me. Come on, this is easy!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@xivecct75

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