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Photographer who took camouflaged leopard photo which baffled internet couldn't even see animal himself

Photographer who took camouflaged leopard photo which baffled internet couldn't even see animal himself

The photo went viral, with many refusing to believe the big cat was there at all

A photographer who took a picture of a nigh on invisible leopard that baffled the internet has admitted he couldn't even see the creature himself.

Back in 2019, wildlife photographer Hemant Dabi was taking photos of wildlife - durrr - when he took a snap that would go on to send people over the world barmy.

The picture itself looks pretty unremarkable at the outset; all you can really see is a tree, set against some browny grey rubble.

But it turns out there was a leopard lurking among the dirt, employing camouflage so advanced that internet users across the globe still couldn't spot it after being expressly told it was there and spending as much time as they dared waste examining the photo.

Even with a massive yellow arrow it's still pretty hard to spot, right?

Don't kick yourself if you can't spot the spotty creature, because Hemant couldn't even see it from a couple of metres away.

He told LADbible: "When I took this photo at that time he was giving alarm call on seeing another leopard. It was hard to see him.

"I have seen that place many times where he was and you won't believe I was only seven feet away from him and I still couldn't see him.

"He showed me when he waved his tail."

The picture first started doing people's nuts in when environmentalist Bell Lack shared it on Twitter, captioning the photo: "Someone just sent this to me and asked me to find the leopard. I was convinced it was a joke... until I found the leopard.

"Can you spot it?"

Thousands were left scratching their heads, and many pleaded for help.

One user wrote in desperation: "Someone please pm me the answer. I'm gonna go crazy if I stare at this dirt anymore."

Another wrote: "Took me too long. Leopard would've got me," while a third added: "Took me about 5 minutes!! Well hidden... more of this please."

If you've still not spotted the sneaky little scamp, it's basically slap bang in the middle of the photo, just to the left of the tree.

Bloody invisible that massive cat, isn't it?

You should be able to just about make out its mush.

I hope finally finding it brings you the sense of contentment you have been yearning for in your life.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@safariwithhemantdabi

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