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Couple who won £1 million on Lotto now go on holiday every month after avoiding a near disaster

Couple who won £1 million on Lotto now go on holiday every month after avoiding a near disaster

Their lives have been changed forever - but it nearly ended very differently

A couple who won £1 million ($1.2m) in the Lotto Lucky Dip truly have been living the dream after quitting their jobs and going on holiday every month.

But their fairytale experience very nearly ended in disaster. Before we get into it, take a look at the moment former builder Terry Kennedy found out about the win during his break at work:

You can only imagine how that must have felt.

The 29-year-old and his partner Kay Yoxall, 26, were in disbelief after Terry's Lotto ticket matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in November last year, making it worth a million quid.

As well as renovating their home in South Yorkshire, the pair decided to temporarily pack in their jobs and work on fulfilling their bucket list by travelling the world.

They've certainly been busy, having visited New York, Mexico, Thailand's Pig Island, Dubai, Portugal, France, Las Vegas, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Budapest and Turkey - not to mention a Caribbean cruise.

Speaking to The Mirror about their adventures, Kay said: "This win is something which has absolutely changed our lives forever, including the ability it’s given us to travel the world.

"It is always something you hope will happen to you but it is just a dream - you think it’s something that only happens to other people - not ordinary people like us!

Terry Kennedy and Kay Yoxall's lives have changed since winning the jackpot.
The National Lottery

"And it may be a whole year on since we won but still, every single day, we have to pinch ourselves to remind us that this is real and it really did happen to us."

Terry, who was a footballer for Sheffield United before suffering an injury, added: "We both wanted to take time out to just let the news sink in and to live the dream.

"I cannot believe how much we have ticked off the list already!"

While they've certainly made the most of their jackpot, the life-changing sum could have easily gone to someone else after Terry left the winning ticket in a shop.

In a previous interview with LADbible, the builder from Barnsley explained that he tried to get a EuroMillions Lucky Dip ticket thinking it was a Friday - only to be told it was in fact a Saturday.

The 29-year-old subsequently grabbed a Lotto ticket instead and it matched two main numbers in the draw, entitling him to a further free Lucky Dip.

But when he went to collect this ticket, he had a bit of a shocker.

"I was having a bit of a nightmare in the shop," he explained.

"I think I bought some pop and sweets and that as well, I was on my dinner break, and I was dropping my pop, dropping sweets.

"I think I left my change, then got out of the shop and the old woman was like, 'Don't forget this!'

"I turned around and it was the lottery ticket, and she even said, 'Watch it be a winner now,' and had a joke about it - crazy."

Yes, if it hadn't been for that thoughtful shopkeeper, the couple wouldn't have been able to experience things like helicopter rides, skydiving and snorkelling with turtles over the past few months.

They've still got plenty more of their bucket list to cross off.
The National Lottery

As for their most memorable moments, Kay told the outlet that she particularly enjoyed the helicopter ride in New York.

"Swimming with dolphins in Mexico was on our bucket list of things to do too and we've now ticked that amazing memory off," she said.

Though she's planning to go back to work as a business administrator next year, they've still got plenty more adventures in the pipeline, including a cruise in January which goes to Panama, Columbia and Mexico, followed by a week in Jamaica.

"The winning isn’t just about the money," she added. "It is about buying you that all important time which when you are working you just do not have."

Featured Image Credit: The National Lottery

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