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Mystery over 'dead husband' spotted in restaurant has finally been solved

Mystery over 'dead husband' spotted in restaurant has finally been solved

There were an abundance of theories about the presence of the man

Following an abundance of questions, doubts and theories, the mystery of a man who was apparently spotted enjoying a curry nine years after his death has been solved.

To be fair, if there was one thing worth coming back from the dead for, it would be a curry and a peshwari naan.

The whole bizarre tale began when Lucy Watson, 59, opened up Facebook and spotted who she thought to be her late husband, Harry, in footage shared by Indian restaurant Spice Cottage in West Sussex.

Watson commented on the video to ask how old the footage was, and later stressed there was 'no doubt in [her] mind' that it was her husband.

However, the restaurant shut down any ideas that Harry might have been caught on camera years earlier by explaining that the footage was just a week old.

When Watson accused the restaurant of lying, Spice Cottage pointed out the restaurant had recently been refurbished, with the updates visible in the video.

They explained: "The refurbishment was completed in early January 2023 and the promotional video highlights these changes.

"Before January 2023, all of our tables were covered by white and red cloths, henceforth it is evident this footage is recent. "This is a very unusual situation and we hope this clarifies any confusion."

So, who was the man in the footage?

Lucy was convinced she saw Harry in the video.
Spice Cottage/Facebook

Well, Harry's son, Alex, has now solved the mystery.

Watson had claimed in her Facebook comment that Alex was also featured in the video alongside her husband, writing: "How old is the footage? My late husband and his son were on the first shot and he died in 2014?"

However, 39-year-old Alex has now addressed the theories in an interview with MailOnline, where he explained: "No way. It's not my dad and it's not me. She's got it wrong."

Alex admitted that the Facebook comments proved people were 'really intrigued about' the mystery and 'really want to know the answers', but he didn't have any juicy details to offer - it was simply a mistake.

"The answer is that it's not my dad – that's it," he said.

"It's not him and it's not me. When I opened up my laptop it's completely obvious. Anyone who knew my dad would know that straight away," Alex argued.

He continued: "The guy in the video looks like he's bald for starters. He's got hair on the side but he's bald on top. The guy who is opposite him is older than me."

Alex went on to say he felt 'sorry' for the restaurant for the attention, although if you stick by the notion that all publicity is good publicity, then maybe having a ghostly customer isn't too bad after all.

Featured Image Credit: Alex Doherty / Spice Cottage / Facebook

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