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Man Gives Himself Face Tattoo While Drunk And Says He Doesn't Regret It

Man Gives Himself Face Tattoo While Drunk And Says He Doesn't Regret It

Never a wise idea to drink and ink

A man who gave himself a face tattoo for the sheer fun of it has said he has zero regrets - well, actually he said ‘ragrets’ but we got what he meant. Check it out:

TikToker @crisggrim kicked off his account with a clip of himself carrying out the ink job, but not before enjoying a few bevvies. 

Yes, alongside the caption ‘no ragrets’, the self-proclaimed punk rock artist from LA wrote ‘#drunk’, suggesting he was a little tipsy when he decided to mark an upside cross right between his eyes. 

The clip starts with him holding his phone in one hand and the tattoo gun in the other as he shakily goes up and down to form a thick line on his face. 

Whether it’s the fact that he’s tattooing his face or the fact that he just generally doesn’t appear to give a s**t about accuracy, the video’s received a massive reaction on TikTok

That includes over three million views as well as thousands of comments, with one person writing: “Something tells me this isn’t his first time doing this.”

It actually looks pretty good.

Some people were fans of the DIY tat, including this person who simply said, “Dopeeee,” and another who wrote, “Real bold.”

Others, however, were unsure about his decision to permanently mark his face (while under the influence). 

“This is sad,” said one, while another wrote, “Me when I make poor life choices.”

And then there were those who compared the whole thing to Harry Potter’s lightning bolt scar. 

But they weren't entirely accurate, as @crisggrim followed up the viral video with a clip of the finished job - an upside down cross. 

And to be fair to the guy it actually looks pretty good.

Safe to say the internet were surprised it turned out okay, with one commenting: “It lowkey turned out cool af tho.”

We’re not entirely sure if the same can be said for the guy who got '#Bantz' tattooed on his face.

Although Kieran Elliot-Moore didn’t do the ink job himself, he had been knocking back the bevvies beforehand and he similarly had no regrets. 

That is one bold move.

The builder from Worthing said: "I was out having a drink and I knew I wanted another tattoo. 

“The person refused at first, saying I'd had a few too many, but I said it doesn't matter if I was pissed - I have loads already. I want the ink.

"No one could think of anything at the time, then some bird just cracked up and goes, 'What about bantz?'

"I thought, 'Well, why not make it #Bantz?' It just went from there, everyone was laughing."

Well, it’s certainly a conversation starter - hopefully one filled with #bantz. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@crisggrim

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