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Man orders the biggest ever bacon sandwich from Greggs

Man orders the biggest ever bacon sandwich from Greggs

He piled on the extra rashers and reckons he got a pretty good price

It’s hard to see someone else living your dreams, so you may want to look away now before you feast your eyes on the bloke who created an absolutely mammoth, 50-rasher bacon butty from Greggs.

You can see how it turned out here, but be warned, the video will make you hungry:

Craig Harker, 35, fancied nabbing himself a bacon butty for his breakfast, so popped into a branch of Greggs in Stockton-on-Tees last month, where he reckons he created himself the biggest bacon butty the UK has ever seen, for a pretty bargain price. 

The food blogger uploaded a clip of his outrageously packed porkie treat to TikTok, where he can be seen urging the Greggs worker to carry on piling on the bacon rashers. 

In the video, Harker said: "I think it's the UK's biggest bacon bun - I know we were hitting some sort of record."

"When she served it to me in the doughnut box, I thought 'I've never seen a bacon butty that size before - that looks incredible'.

The giant butty had to be crammed into a doughnut box.
Kennedy News and Media

"I was just driving past and fancied a Greggs bacon sarnie, so I went in and said 'can I have the biggest you can make me?'. I was asking for more and more bacon and she just kept saying 'yes'.

"When I reached 50 she said 'I think we should stop here. I don't think we've got a box big enough'."

As the blogger goes on to mention, he's earned quite the reputation at his local Greggs for his unusual orders.

Harker adds: "The box was meant to fit six doughnuts, and it ended up fitting one massive bacon sandwich."

"It's the biggest bacon sandwich I've ever seen in my life - it was absolutely huge. It's my local Greggs so they're used to me ordering these big wacky meals.

"As soon as I walk in they're like 'what do you want?' They know I'm going to order something a bit different.”

Craig Harker, 35, admits he couldn't finish the whole thing.
Kennedy News and Media

In total, the butty cost £16.40 and had around 2,500 calories - the recommended daily amount for the average man. 

And the slightly intimidating-looking white roll ended up proving too much for Harker, who admits to only being able to finish about half of it before conceding defeat. 

He went on: "It absolutely destroyed me - I didn't get half way down so I failed miserably, but I took it home to my family and everyone made sandwiches out of it."

"The family and the dogs ate well.

"I love bacon sarnies, but after that I didn't eat one for a few days."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy

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