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Man Shares Bizarre Hack For Sleeping Through The Heatwave That 'Could Look Suspicious To Police'

Man Shares Bizarre Hack For Sleeping Through The Heatwave That 'Could Look Suspicious To Police'

If you're struggling to sleep while it's hot, this may help

A man has shared his unusual hack to try and keep his home cooler in a heatwave but some social media users are concerned it could prompt a visit from the police - check it out:

With record-breaking temperatures set to hit the UK next week, you might be struggling to get a decent night’s sleep - if so, a TikTok user who goes by the name Darth Unicorn 3.0 reckons he has the answer to all your problems.

He posted the clip, promising it would ‘change lives’ by giving you the ‘coolest’ night’s sleep of your life. 

In the clip, he asks: “Struggling to sleep in the heat? Not me.

"Get some soapy water, spray it all over the window, get some tin foil, push it down and that’s it - you’re done. 


“You’re going to have the coolest, coldest night sleep you’ve ever had in your life, let alone summer.”

But does it work? Well, according to Home Air Advisor, the answer is sort-of yeah - because aluminium is resistant to heat, it can block some of the warmth caused by the sun beating down on your windows. It’ll also block the sun, meaning your rooms will be bathed in shade rather than direct sunlight - the blackout effect can also help to create a nice dark space to sleep in while the days are still very short. 

Alongside that, it’s completely safe and non-toxic - we use it in food preparation all the time without causing any issues - and there are no health risks associated with using it. 


Having said that, some TikTok users were quick to point out that it could make your home look a little bit suspicious and that passing police might think you’re growing cannabis… not ideal. 

Responding to the TikTok, one person said: “I live right behind the police station. If I do that my house is definitely getting raided!"

Another wrote: “Will it be because the police are going to take me to sleep in a cell for a night? While they unpack my flat to find something that's not there.”

While someone else joked: “I did this and got a wake up call by 15 police officers at 4am…”

A fourth quipped: “My neighbours have foil on their window. But I know it isn’t a hack.”

So… erm… attempt it at your own risk, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/DarthUnicorn3.0

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