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Rugby player promises to ban himself from sex until he’s married

Rugby player promises to ban himself from sex until he’s married

NRL star Max King and his model girlfriend Christy Young are abstaining from sex until after marriage because of their strong faith

A rugby league star and his model girlfriend have explained why they’re choosing to remain celibate until they are married, despite pressure from society sometimes making it difficult for them.

25-year-old Max King plays for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the NRL – Australia’s premier rugby league competition – and he’s engaged to model Christy Young, who he met at church.

The pair have openly discussed their desire to save themselves for after their wedding, as well as talking about how important their faith is to them.

They’re committed to honouring their chosen faith, despite the fact that some of his teammates are ‘taking the p**s’ out of him, even if they are broadly supportive of his choice.

Young explained how they had a conversation very early in their relationship about abstaining from sex until after marriage because of their faith.

Max King and his girlfriend Christy Young.

She told 2FM’s Hughesy, Ed, and Erin Show: “We are so loud and proud about our faith. It's never been something we've shied away from because it is so important to us,

“We spoke about it early on, on the first or second date.

“Christian dating 101 is you're not wasting anyone's time, it's a conversation we didn't shy away from and honestly, we've seen such fruit from it in our relationship in terms of communication, it's just so good.”

What’s more, Young reckons that it’s made King better on the park as well, despite the fact that he sometimes has to deal with jibes from within the hyper-masculine NRL environment.

She explained: “We met at church. I was living on the Gold Coast and he was sitting in front of me.

“We didn't talk that day but the pastor set us up. If you want a good guy, find him in church.

“When it (sex) isn't the forefront of everything, it's like we've just been able to have such good conversations and build on our relationship, and we have such a good support system for each other.

“It does help his game, in that it's just that we have such a good foundation in our relationship.”

The pair now attend a church in Sydney together and are in a committed relationship, although she admits having doubts about it.

“When I met him, I was like 'oh you're a footy player, red flag, what have I got myself into'”, she continued.

“For sure [his teammates are supportive] but when we first started dating, they were like 'as if you guys are' [abstaining from sex].

“The bible says 'deny the flesh and God will bless you', and we've seen such fruit from that.

“I feel so blessed to have met Max, we are the puzzle pieces that fit together and it's all down to God.”

Max plays for the Bulldogs in Australia's NRL competition.

Max has also been vocal about his faith over the years, even when it hasn’t been too easy.

In 2018, he said. “Obviously going to church and hanging around with other Christians or other people with faith is what I enjoy.

“I talk openly about it with the boys and they respect me for who I am.

“I don't mind the boys taking the p***, I'm fine with it, because I'll be taking the piss out of them for something.”

“It can be difficult. There's lot of influences. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@maxking__

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