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Bizarre fact about Rizla paper has 'ruined smoking' for people

Bizarre fact about Rizla paper has 'ruined smoking' for people

Did you know this interesting bit of trivia?

People have been left baffled by a bizarre fact about Rizla paper, with one saying it's 'ruined smoking' for them. Have a listen to Stephen Fry explain all:

Don't worry, reader - we know you've probably never torn off a piece of cardboard from a Rizla packet and you have the healthy, non-smoking lungs of an athlete *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*.

But regardless of whether you've made use of the brand in the past, this fun fact is a good bit of trivia to keep in your back pocket for the next pub quiz.

The topic came up in an episode of QI where host Stephen Fry explains that you 'shouldn't say Rizla'.

In the clip, which has been doing the rounds on TikTok, he says that the name is of French origin, with 'riz' meaning 'rice'.

Fry goes on to say: "The company that makes it is Lacroix. And you may notice if you see a Rizla packet, sometimes you may have torn the top part off."

He and Phill Jupitus take the opportunity to joke about why someone might need a piece of cardboard - for things like jotting down a number or email address.

That's all you've ever used it for, right?

Stephen Fry knew exactly what people use the 'spare piece of card' for.

After their amusing aside, the host continues: "But you'll notice it says 'riz la', i.e. Rizla we think, and then there's a big cross."

French speakers will know that the company's name Lacroix translates as 'the cross', hence the cross on the packaging.

And then you've got 'riz la', aka 'the rice', meaning rice paper. "So it's rice paper made by the cross," says Fry.

While many people were impressed by this 'quite interesting' piece of info, others were inexplicably disappointed by the clip.

"Man's just ruined smoking grass for me," said one, while another took a dig at the rolling paper company, writing, "Raw papers are better."

But a majority of commenters enjoyed the learning experience, including this person who said: "Within 2 minutes I’d already repeated this fact to my flatmate."

Who knew there was a meaning for the cross?
LWH/Alamy Stock Photo

"This might be one of my faves," said another. "I wish I could watch full eps in Canada."

While a third added, "Not Stephen fry explaining using the top cardboard for a roach."

And then there were those who were left a tad confused, with one asking: "Wait why do people tear the cardboard off?"

Look, we're just going to say it - roach. People who smoke weed use it for a roach. But we know you don't do that, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Lee Martin/Stewart Innes/Alamy Stock Photo

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