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Woman defends eating raw chicken as part of diet despite risk of salmonella

Woman defends eating raw chicken as part of diet despite risk of salmonella

She insists she's never had any health issues due to her unconventional diet

A woman who tucks into raw meat - including uncooked chicken and livers - has defended her unusual diet.

Mimi Graff, or @feralfraulein as she’s known on TikTok, regularly posts videos showing off her unconventional raw-meat-heavy diet and insists she’s never had any health issues, despite the risk of salmonella or other nasty bacterial illnesses. You can see one of her videos here:

In one clip, Mimi shared ‘what I eat in a day’ explaining: "This is what I ate today on my raw meat diet. This is what my fridge typically looks like.

"I woke up craving red meat so I decided to prepare my signature steak tartare for breakfast even though it's my go-to dinner."

Alongside the raw meat, she also knocks back shaken up, raw eggs, telling her followers: "You just crack a few eggs into a glass jar and you shake it - shake and chug!"

Nah, you’re alright.

Some of Mimi’s followers have expressed concerns over the safety of her diet, with one person commenting: “You can catch E.Coli and salmonella eating raw meat."

She regularly shares videos showing off her unusual diet.

And another writing: "Don't eat raw chicken please, that's so dangerous!"

Speaking to the Daily Star, Mimi defended her diet from critics but admitted that there are ‘legitimate risks associated with the consumption of raw meat’.

She said: "Organic, grass-fed beef is generally the safest type of meat to consume raw. I believe wholeheartedly in sources all food from high-quality and organic sources.

"Since I love eating raw chicken I feel fortunate to live in a country with strict protocols regarding salmonella.

"The controversy is not surprising or upsetting. I am very grateful for the thousands of supporting viewers I have amassed and their comments that make me laugh everyday."

She insists she’s never had any health issues.

At this point, I should point out that despite what Mimi says, the NHS recommends cooking all meat thoroughly prior to eating.

The guidance states: “It's important to prepare and cook food safely. Cooking meat properly ensures that harmful bacteria on the meat are killed. If meat is not cooked all the way through, these bacteria may cause food poisoning.

“Bacteria and viruses can be found all the way through poultry and certain meat products (such as burgers). This means you need to cook poultry and these sorts of meat products all the way through. When meat is cooked all the way through, its juices run clear and there is no pink or red meat left inside.”

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