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A woman has bragged after managing to sneak into a luxury resort and enjoy its all-inclusive offering...for free.

Roxanne Balciunas, from Sheffield, had stayed at the Ramada Hotel & Suites in Turkey with her family earlier this year.

After returning home from the trip, though, the 39-year-old found that she had accidentally taken her wristband home with her.

But while most people would probably have tried to send it back or bin it, Roxanne decided to use it to her advantage, and booked a second trip a few weeks later.

She and her two young kids stayed in a cheap apartment close to the Ramada and snuck in, using the old wristbands from their last trip.

Roxanne found her hotel wristband when she returned home.
Kennedy News and Media

Sharing footage from their holiday to TikTok, Roxanne announced that she was 'stealing the Ramada all inclusive'.

Hitting back at the critics, the mum said people could 'call me a thief all you like but I enjoyed my week of free food and drink'.

Roxanne, who claims to go on holiday every month, staying exclusively at four- and five-star all-inclusive venues, said: "My mum only booked her holiday a week ago, it was a last-minute thing.

"I kind of steered my mum towards that hotel, and when I found our bands [from May], I was like 'this is great.' I was just messing about, saying 'we'll go and eat their food'."

"I was just joking at first to the kids, but then we did. I booked last minute to go and surprise her. I used the bands, and it worked.

"They didn't check my wristbands when I first walked in. Because I had it on, nobody checked because they could see I was wearing one."

Roxanne says she really 'got lucky' with the fact the hotel was using the same wristbands when she returned.

She had a whale of a time after sneaking back into the hotel.
Kennedy News and Media

But while she and her family had a whale of a time at the hotel's expense, not everyone who saw her video was that impressed.

Criticising her behaviour, some simply asked why she would 'steal from the hotel' if she is able to go on holiday every month. Fair question.

Another said: "Feel sad for those people who work really hard for things, and people like you just think they can cheat the system."

Others weren't so unhappy with what Roxanne did, though.

Commenting on the video, some said it was 'absolutely hilarious', praising the mum for being 'brave'.

LADbible has contacted Wyndham Hotels & Resorts for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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