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Package holidays in Greece, Spain and Turkey have become much more expensive

Package holidays in Greece, Spain and Turkey have become much more expensive

The price has sky-rocketed for the all-inclusive trips

For anyone after a girthy Greek gyros, gallons of Spanish sangria or just a proper good Turkish döner kebab to fill their days between the beach, bar and hotel this summer - you may be in for quite the shock.

Package holidays in the three Mediterranean hotspots have jumped in price to become much more expensive.

So, you may have to park your plans for paella this summer and look elsewhere if you're after a bargain holiday that won't blow the bank.

Package holidays in three Mediterranean hotspots have jumped in price.
Belle Co / Pexels

For anyone planning on jet-setting to Majorca, the largest island of the Balearic Islands and home to one of Europe's buzziest nightlife scenes, you may want to start saving those pennies.

According to TravelSupermarket, the average price of a week with full food and board in the Spanish island is up by a stonking 21 percent.

Tenerife is even worse with prices climbing more than 22 percent.

And it's not just Spain as Crete, the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, has sky-rocketed to a staggering 25 percent price increase compared to figures from last year.

TravelSupermarket has found that, overall, the most popular holiday hotpots; Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus have jumped in price by almost 12 whole percent.

Better start savings those coins.
Suzy Hazelwood / Pexels

The average of the top five most popular location for Brits has risen by 11.9 percent since last year.

However, there is some variation between countries with the average package holiday price rising the most in Spain, up nearly 15 percent, which is three times more than Portugal which is just 5 percent steeper in cost.

The jump in price has left many prospective travellers now unable to afford their holiday plans.

And it's not just travel and lodging that has gone up as holiday-goers now also have to allocate extra costs to leave their car at the airport.

The average rate per night was just over £13 in May last year but has now increased to more than £14 which doesn't seem like a lot but all those coppers do eventually add up.

But, it's not all doom and doom as drivers will be happy to know that car hire has luckily come down in price.

According to figures acquired by the BBC, the average daily rate for hiring a car in Ireland took a drastic fall from £203 in August 2022 to just £48 this August.

Not too shabby at all, however, if you don't drive I'm afraid there's no further silver lining.

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