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Mum films oblivious dad’s brilliant reaction after his son appears on dating show

Mum films oblivious dad’s brilliant reaction after his son appears on dating show

He didn't know that his boy would be appearing on the reality TV show - and his reaction did not disappoint.

An oblivious dad's brilliant reaction to seeing his son appear on a reality TV show has gone viral.

The fella had no idea that the contestant on the show would be his own son and his response was priceless.

See for yourself here:

In the clip, the dad can be seen watching a reality TV show that you have to imagine he'd been coerced into viewing.

"Is that in Salford" he asks, focussing on the geography, rather than the gripping narratives of the singletons.

"Belfast," his partner behind the camera replies, to which he responds: "Ah, course."

After a few moments of silence, then comes the money shot as 'date' Charles swaggers into the show, sparking an eruption of laughter from his unsuspecting father.

Throwing his head back and cackling the dad smacked the sofa in delight, before telling his partner: "Right, rewind... Just rewind, forever."

As the singletons on the show assessed Charles' look, the dad remarked from his settee: "I bought him that jacket as well."

Always great to have the backing of your old man.
TikTok / @deviousofficial10

The clip has gone viral on social media, though it appears it was originally posted on Reddit.

Offering a bit of context, the post read: "My stepbrother was on a dating show but didn't tell his dad. My mum filmed his reaction."

It was posted in the Contagious Laughter subreddit, and people were delighted by what they saw.

One person commented: "This isn't just a fatherly reaction, this is a good UK father's reaction.

"Makes me really miss my dad seeing him just burst out in laughter in absolute full support for his son doing his thing."

Another agreed: "My dad would have said something like 'well that guy's gonna lose.'"

While a third added: "'I bought him that jacket' is such an unbelievably dad thing to say haha."

Charles' dad watched on and laughed at his big moment.

Others highlighted that it was fortunate the dating show wasn't Naked Attraction, as we wouldn't want to see the dad remarking on 'getting him that penis', or 'getting him that hooded jacket'.

In the comments, the stepbrother explained that the dating show was in fact Beauty Queen and Single, in which 'glamorous girls ditch the perfection and embrace their bare-faced beauty by going without make-up in a fresh, fun dating show'.

Sadly, the beauty queen elected not to go on a second date with Charles.

But hey, it was most definitely worth going on the show - for his dad's reaction, if nothing else.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @deviousofficial10

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