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Woman is 'shaken' after finding threatening note on car which was parked in 'perfectly legal' spot

Woman is 'shaken' after finding threatening note on car which was parked in 'perfectly legal' spot

The angry note included a cryptic reference to a common household item

A woman has been left feeling 'shaken' after returning to her car to find that someone had left a threatening note on it.

The British are known for smiling politely while inwardly seething with rage. It could be a disastrous haircut that we're too polite to point out, or smiling that the food was 'lovely' when in reality you could barely stomach it.

However, few things set off this cordial fury like a driving dispute.

The note on the car.
Royton Community Hub

No one likes having to go halfway down the road to park their car away from their house. However, one Facebook user took things a step further, deciding to leave a note on someone's car after they parked on the street.

Taking to Facebook group Royton Community Hub, the poster shared a note with had been left on their car after parking on a street.

The somewhat cryptic-sounding note made veiled threats, though it's not entirely clear what exactly they were suggesting.

The note read: "Tin opener available at 81 or 83. Next time you need to leave your car for more than a couple of hours, pay for a car park and refrain from taking valuable parking spaces outside my home!!

"Next time the can opener may not be so forthcoming."

Exactly what the 'tin opener' was referring to is anyone's guess. Perhaps they meant they would need a tin opener to get into their car, but then if it's on the street wouldn't the door be accessible from the side? Some things will remain a mystery.

Few things provoke polite British rage quite like a parking dispute.
Martyn Williams / Alamy Stock Photo

The poster was thoroughly unimpressed by the note, which was left on their mother-in-law's car.

They pointed out that the person in the house didn't know what the circumstances were for parking there.

She wrote: "Disappointed to share this was found on my mother-in-law’s car today on Radcliffe Street.

"This person has no idea of the circumstances around the reason for parking there, however this is irrelevant as the road is not owned by either of these properties. She is fairly shaken and now is worried about where to park when this was perfectly legal and reasonable.

"If anyone has suffered any criminal damage this may enlighten them as to where it’s come from, obviously cannot be sure. Please ensure you move to a house with a parking space if you need to park close to your home, and refrain from writing threatening letters."

Parking on the street has led to some residents to take extreme measures to protect the spot outside their home. One even chained a wheelie bin to the road outside their front door to dissuade motorists from leaving their car there.

Featured Image Credit: Royton Community Hub / Martyn Williams / Alamy Stock Photo

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