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Cars colliding on an empty roundabout has sparked a big debate over which driver was really in the wrong.

The shaky dash cam footage was uploaded to TikTok and has since triggered some pretty passionate - and varied - responses from motorists all over.

After all, TikTok users love nothing more than debating which driver is at fault in footage of traffic accidents and calling out cheeky behaviour, like this guy who used a bus lane to overtake and insisted he was in the right.

The above roundabout clip was uploaded by Drivers of UK - a page which regularly posts videos of some very dodgy behind-the-wheel antics.

The footage has sparked a debate online over proper driving etiquette.

The video's overlay text read: "What the hell jaguar..." and showed a pretty gnarly collision take place on the edge of a busy roundabout.

In the footage, the dash cam driver can be seen slowly approaching the upcoming roundabout before a Jaguar overtakes on the outer lane of traffic.

Following the lane round the bend, the two cars then collide as the dash cam car drives head-first into it.

The dash cam driver's car then skids for a few seconds before the camera angle pans to the clouds indicating the aftermath of a clearly powerful pile-up.

The TikTok's overlay text read: "What the hell jaguar..."

The video showed a pretty serious roadside collision.

It has since clocked up over 53.8k views with dozens of comments from people eager to share their verdict on the roadside ruckus.

Many were quick to call out the Jaguar driver for their blunder.

One TikTok user posted: "The jag driver could have easily used his mirrors and not driven like a t*** too."

"There wouldn’t have been anything to avoid if the Jag was driving properly," hit out a second.

Another agreed: "Jag caused collision by turning across the cam car at the last second, cam car had about half a second at most in which to react."

A fourth added: "Jag stopped indicating after passing the exit before which suggests they're taking the exit where the crash happened."

Others, however, were of the belief that the dash cam driver was actually the culprit for the crash.

People are battling it out in the comments.
TikTok/Paul Ohara

One TikTok user claimed: "Cam car aimed for him."

"It looks like cam driver deliberately drove into side of jag to prove a point, he could have easily stopped," echoed another.

A third penned: "Cam car at fault all day," while a fourth added: "Not the cam car speeding up like he was aiming him."

"Cam driver wasn't paying attention," resolved a final TikTok user, "jag was indicating and was in your sight for six seconds. You couldn't brake no?"

So, who do you reckon was really in the wrong?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @funnfactory1

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