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OnlyFans model Corinna Kopf revealed incredible amount of money she makes each month

OnlyFans model Corinna Kopf revealed incredible amount of money she makes each month

The former Fortnite streamer still makes hundreds of thousands in a 'bad month'

While some of us might sit at a desk all day or stand and pour people coffees to make a living, others take a slightly different approach.

OnlyFans top creators are absolutely raking it in from their work on the subscription service, with some making the absolute mega bucks.

One of the highest earners at the moment, rapper Iggy Azalea, is said to be making over seven million a month from her content with Mia Khalifa also bringing in millions.

And another top creator, Corinna Kopf, recently revealed the incredible amount of money she makes from OnlyFans each month.

The 28-year-old American is well-known as the ‘pouty girl’ and started off gaining a platform on Twitch after being part of David Dobrik’s YouTube squad back in 2016.

Once popular for her Fortnite streams, she now makes millions from selling adult content on the subscription service.

Corinna Kopf.
Instagram / @corinnakopf

But you know, like us all, Kopf has her ‘bad months’ but they’re not quite as ‘bad’ as everyone else’s as in those she gets a pay-out of about $680,000 (£537,570).

Back in July 2022, Dobrik shared a video to TikTok, showing off the creator’s earnings from OnlyFans.

In her good months, Kopf was raking in around $2.3 million (£1.8million).

Scrolling through her mega money makings, Dobrik joked: “This makes me want to f**king vomit. This is absolutely insane! This is monthly. Monthly!”

In April last year, Kopf bought the YouTube star a Ferrari thanks to her millions, explaining that he’d given her so much exposure – helping with her fame status on OnlyFans.

Many of the site’s highest earners were already big names before they started using the subscription service to rake in extra cash.


As well as Azalea and Khalifa, this also includes the likes of Cardi B, Coco Austin, Belle Delphine and Megan Barton-Hanson.

YouTube star Delphine previously revealed to Louis Theroux that she made £5 million from her first OnlyFans ‘full intercourse’ video.

She spoke of spending 2020 working up to it: “That was the time I had the most eyes on me. That’s why I did all those podcasts, because I knew was at the biggest I was ever going to be. I needed all eyes on me then to really push this video that I was going to sell.”

The ‘Queen of the Simps’ explained she was able to buy her ‘dream house’ because of the video that she confessed to thinking is actually ‘quite sh*t’.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@corinnakopf / TikTok/@daviddobrik

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