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The 17 top earners on OnlyFans for 2024 includes a host of celebrities

The 17 top earners on OnlyFans for 2024 includes a host of celebrities

Some of OnlyFans’ wealthiest creators include some big names

Some of OnlyFans’ wealthiest creators include some big names, with one earning nearly $10 million monthly.

OnlyFans allows creators to monetise their content, usually explicit, and some of our favourite celebs have hopped on the bandwagon…and are making megabucks!

From singers, rappers and Internet personalities, people from all backgrounds are taking a chance on the platform.

Creators can set their monthly fee to however much they feel is appropriate, but fans can also purchase extra content once they become a subscriber.

I think we can all agree It’s a clever business model, and for some people, it has become their primary source of income.

So which familiar faces are racking up the big money?

As reported by Tuko News, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, 33, earns around $9.2 million per month from creating content on the platform.

Iggy Azalea is one of OnlyFans' biggest earners.

Her monthly subscription price is placed at $25, and is estimated to generate around $307k in a day.

Just below that monthly figure is Coco Austin, an American TV personality and wife of rapper Ice T.

She charges $19 a month to subscribers, and reportedly rakes in around $9 million.

Austin also offers discounts from three to 12 months - which is nice of her.

Former adult actress and webcam model, Mia Khalifa, is also up there with one of Onlyfans’ biggest earners.

According to the outlet, her monthly subscription price is a little less than the others at $12, but her account offers the opportunity to purchase content bundles.

The 30-year-old reportedly makes $6.2 million a month from her posts.

Mia Khalifa is number three on the list.

Next on the list is YouTube’s queen, none other than Tana Mongeau, and unlike the others we have seen so far, her subscription is totally free!

Despite her free subscriptions, she reportedly making $3 million a month.

In 2022, Mongeau celebrated a huge milestone after having earned $10 million on the platform since she'd started in 2020 - a feat which she called 'insane'.

Adult actress and cosplay model Belle Delphine also reportedly earns $1 million - making her number 12 on the list.

Tana Mongeau made her subscription price free for fans.

In a recent interview with Louis Theroux, Delphine also revealed that her first-ever OnlyFans scene ended up making her £5 million.

Up until this point, there seems to have been a bit of a trend with the kind of creators that earn lots of money on Onlyfans, they’re all female.

But rapper Casanova is doing it for the boys, reportedly earning just over $1 million a month from the content he posts with a free subscription.

Hip-hop artist Safaree Samuels and YouTube Nikocado Avocado were also on the list, each earning $1.91 million and $500k respectively.

Other big names on the list include Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson, who was a stripper before landing a spot on the show.

She is estimated to earn around $1.9 million per month and is one of the most popular accounts.

While actor Denise Richards and Love & Hip-hop: New York star Erica Mena reportedly earned $2 million and $4.49 million.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia/Instagram/@belle.delphine

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