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Insane optical illusion is 'literally identical' to taking psychedelics

Insane optical illusion is 'literally identical' to taking psychedelics

Viewers can't get over the trippy scene

If you're in need of a bit of a trippy experience to spice up your week, then look no further than this mind-bending optical illusion that's apparently 'identical' to taking psychedelics.

All of the wild visuals, none of the law-breaking. Why not give it a try?

The video comes from YouTuber Jace, who dubbed the illusion 'insane' and succeeded in catching the attention of a lot of experienced drug users.

When I say 'experienced', I mean people who have tried psychedelic drugs. So basically just those more experienced than myself.

The illusion in question features a red dot in the centre of the screen, with some black and white diamonds appearing to move in one direction right around it, and moving in another direction further out.

Staring at the red dot, it's almost impossible not to lose focus in your vision and get swallowed up by the moving lines.

As a result, the lines appear to alter the real world as soon as you look away from the screen. If you've never tried them yourself, this is apparently exactly what the world looks like after you've taken magic mushrooms or dropped acid.

Viewers have compared the video to mushrooms and acid.
Roman Budnyi / Alamy Stock Photo

YouTubers have made this clear, with many responding to the video to compare it to taking drugs.

"When you look away back out at the normal world its [sic] literally identical to tripping on shrooms, but without the colors and extra vibrancy. The drifting and warping effect is spot on though. Super super cool," one person wrote.

Another commented, "This is literally what everything looks like when you’re tripping on acid lol," while a third wrote: "This is like an entry level few seconds preview on what it's like to trip."

While the effects of this particular 'trip' are entirely down to the moving image on the screen, the same can't be said when you actually take psychedelics.

Magic mushrooms can cause hallucinations.
Kathy deWitt / Alamy Stock Photo

Also known as hallucinogenic drugs, the group includes LSD, DMT, Psilocybin - aka magic mushrooms - and Ecstasy, all of which are illegal to take recreationally.

Effects of the drugs vary depending on the person using them, but they can alter perceptions of time, cause hallucinations and create spiritual experiences, as well as cause nausea and vivid sensory experiences.

Psychedelics are slowly being considered as a way to treat some mental health disorders, though treatments are still largely experimental and are not accessible to many people.

Given that, for now, they're against the law, it's probably safest to stick with the YouTube video for any trippy experiences you're hoping to have.

Featured Image Credit: Jace / YouTube / vexedart / Alamy

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