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Debate sparked after plus-sized model says airlines should make seats bigger

Debate sparked after plus-sized model says airlines should make seats bigger

Should airlines make seats bigger on planes?

A debate was sparked after a plus-sized model says airlines should be making plane seats bigger.

I mean, anyone who’s ever flown economy on a flight has more than likely had at least one uncomfortable experience.

There’s nothing worse than ending up squashed in your seat or with someone’s arm stretching on to your rest or, the absolutely doom experience, having a person fall asleep on your shoulder.

And maybe bigger seats would help us all out. Watch Gracie Bon’s viral video calling for the change here:

The model says that ‘airplane seats are too small for big people’.

With a gorgeous curvy figure, Gracie makes her way on to a plane as other passengers don’t even hide their glances at her body.

She then takes her seat, or should I say seats.

Responding to a user’s comment, it turns out Gracie does actually use two seats when she boards a flight, strapping herself up in the middle of the pair.

She says: “It’s 2024, bodies are changing so planes should too.

“I won’t lose my butt to fit on a plane so give me another solution or just make the seats bigger.”

Gracie thinks seats should be bigger.

The 25-year-old previously shared snaps of herself from when she weighed 21 stone at the age of 21, and told fans she used to ‘love her 300lbs body’.

She explained: “The truth is that I loved it so much that I wanted to take care of it and decided to save myself.”

As Gracie’s video went viral, LADbible polled Instagram users to find out what their take is.

And turns out, over 50 percent of respondents don’t think airlines should make plane seats any bigger.

Many suggested that if she can pay for it, she should just continue buying two seats on flights to accommodate her problem.

The model uses two seats.

Some even suggested she just ‘get a private plane for herself’ and some trolls said it ‘sounds like a you problem’, with others wondering why she chooses to fly economy.

Another added: “You can’t just make bigger seats on a passenger sized plane. If you want bigger seats, every part on the plane has to be made bigger too to make up for all that.”

Whereas one user said: “Seats on planes should be bigger though.

“Not because bodies are changing but because flying shouldn’t be as uncomfortable as it is.”

And others said Gracie is ‘totally right’ with users calling to ‘start a petition’.

So, what do you reckon, should plane seats be bigger?

Featured Image Credit: graciebon/Instagram

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