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Private investigator says there are six main signs that your partner is cheating on you

Private investigator says there are six main signs that your partner is cheating on you

Want to know if your partner is cheating? A private investigator says the signs are there.

If you've ever had the misfortune to be in a relationship that's gone badly wrong then you might have noticed some of the warning signs with the benefit of hindsight.

Looking back on where it all went wrong, you might think the patterns were there to see and you might have managed to avoid some pain had you seen them sooner.

But the signs to such treachery can be hard to spot.

Obviously that's rather the point as most people cheating on their partners don't plan to make it common knowledge, but there are things to look for even if they try to keep it hidden.

Private investigator Aaron Bond previously told The Sun what the six big signs of cheating to look out for were, barring the obvious one of catching them in the act.

It's not normally this blatant.
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A change in communication

A good relationship has a foundation in strong communication, one that's falling apart will start to feel very different indeed.

The private investigator explained that a sudden lack of communication is always going to be a bad sign, and if they don't talk about details of their day it's even worse.

New Look

No, not the clothes shop where it's like stepping back into 2005 when you enter.

This is where your partner suddenly starts dressing differently and seems to have become a bit of a different person.

Of course, people grow and change over the course of their relationship, and the private investigator said that this by itself wasn't a reason to think of cheating, but it might be one thread in the wider tapestry.

Bond said a new appearance combined with new hobbies and interests that get them out of the house more without you was a stronger signal.

If only you'd known at the time.
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Hiding and seeking

Speaking of them doing hobbies that don't include you, if suddenly you can't find hide nor hair of them, things might be going downhill for your relationship.

If they're suddenly anywhere you're not and spending almost no time with you that's a red flag.

The private investigator said a partner may 'look as if they are in a depressed state' and 'seem lazier than usual' as though they don't want to do anything, and suggested this could be because all their time and energy was being devoted towards their 'other life'.

Moribund sex life

This is possibly the really obvious one, if your partner suddenly doesn't want to be intimate with you and there's to be no more badoink-adoinking in your relationship, then it's a problem.

It might be the sign of a deeper issue, which doesn't always mean cheating, so this is where communication is key to figuring out what's going on.

However, the private investigator said that if your partner was suddenly bringing new things into the bedroom that might also be a sign of cheating as they could be learning new tricks from a new partner.

This might be a more obvious sign.
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'Phubbing' all day long

By now you've probably heard of 'phubbing', or 'phone snubbing', as the little device basically everyone has is now the perfect accomplice in cheating.

Whether it's finding a reason not to talk to your partner or planning a new illicit encounter, the phone is basically the cheater's best friend.

If you find your partner is suddenly on their phone all the time and incredibly secretive about what they're doing with it, the private investigator warned that could be a major problem.

The smorgasbord of shunning

Crucially, if you're spotting any one of these signs, it's not massive evidence by itself as people have the right to act a little differently as time goes along.

However, if you're seeing plenty of these warning signs flare up at the same time then the combination could spell doom for your relationship.

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