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Professional Board Game Designer Sets Up Website To Find Girlfriend

Professional Board Game Designer Sets Up Website To Find Girlfriend

He's looking for someone to connect with on an intellectual level and has set up an application process for eligible candidates

A professional board game designer from Australia has set up a website in a bid to find himself a girlfriend. Check out his introductory video.

Daniel Piechnick describes himself as a 'successful internet entrepreneur, investor and game designer', but more importantly – as the name of his new website attests – he is a 'Single Guy From Adelaide'.

The 41-year-old (who reckons he has the wisdom of someone older, but the looks of someone younger) is a former Australian Scrabble champion; however, while he has no problem landing a triple word score, he's found it much more challenging landing a partner.

A prospective girlfriend must be prepared to lose at Scrabble all the time.

Keen to put that right, he's been advertising for a vacancy as his other half – though numpties need not apply.

His website reads: "I'd love to have someone who's educated and informed, and very much wants to connect on an intellectual level.

"People have been writing to me, to tell me that I'm a sapiosexual – someone who's attracted to intelligence. I've realised I'm only attracted to intelligent women.

"I don't like labels, but maybe this is a real thing."

So, before you apply, you may want to take an IQ test and get a gauge of whether you're gonna be switched on enough for the Scrabble champ.

Oh, and while your intellect can be boundless, your experiences of relationships ought to be very much limited.

Daniel explains: "Despite my own lack of experience, I realise most people above a certain age have gone beyond holding hands and kissing. I'm just searching for one of the few people who haven't done anything more than that.

"I'd very much like to have a relationship with someone at the same level as me, in this regard. It's really that simple.

"Please make sure you really understand this part. You're welcome to ask, if you have any questions. If not, I'll assume you're on the same page as me, and we can go through this much later on.

"I understand that people have had all kinds of different experiences, and have been in all kinds of different circumstances – some very good, some very bad. I'm in no position to judge anyone else. I'm just looking for someone like me, which is very hard to find these days."

He knows what he's looking for.

Given his criteria, Daniel assures applicants that they won't be up against a 'horde of other women' – but if they don't buy a ticket, they won't win the raffle.

His website reads: "The number of intelligent women who have the same level of experience as me, is very small. If you're one of them, you'll have my attention. You're not competing against a horde of other women.

"I realise this search is unusual. Many women are very hesitant to contact me, even though they very much want to. Talking to a potential partner, in any context, is going to force you to step outside of your comfort zone.

"I hope you'll go out on a limb, and contact me. This applies to everyone, but if you're looking for love, you need to actually take some kind of action. If you just wait for someone appropriate to float by, you might be waiting forever."

So, if you think you might fit the bill – and Daniel might fit yours – then head to his website, where a section entitled 'The Process' will take you through the next steps.

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