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Real reason boxers have hole in the front has been explained

Real reason boxers have hole in the front has been explained

Here's the answer - in case you were wondering

Ever wondered what the little gap in a pair of boxers is for? No? Me either, but I bet you are now, aren’t you?

And you’re not alone - the question is regularly asked on Google, Reddit and Quora - with plenty of folks intrigued by its origin.

Some styles have sacked off the little hole - or fly - but there’s still plenty of manufacturers who still use them.

In fact, if you own a pair of boxers, I’m willing to bet you’ve got at least one pair with a fly.

But does it serve a purpose or is it purely a stylistic decision?

Well, wonder no longer as underwear brand Sheath has given us the answer: "The hole in your boxers is also called a fly.

"You're free to call them whatever name you want, but the functional term is still fly.” Fair enough.

And what’s the point?

Ever wondered why your boxers have a fly?
Kenneth McAndrew/Pixabay

Well, according to Sheath: "The purpose of the fly is to make it easier for you to pee while wearing boxers."

Despite this, the brand also states that 80 percent of men actually never use the hole in their underwear to pee.

Pulling them down is generally a whole lot easier. This suggests there might be another reason for the boxer fly, given that only 20 percent of blokes actually use the thing.

Sheath's website states: "Today's modern underwear is nothing like what men wore even a few decades ago.

"The actual pouch where the fly is located has also been changing drastically.

"In the past, this area used to be flat. This design does not give the man a natural way for his penis to be contoured. Thankfully, men today have a better option."

So, you're telling me the flap is also used to better 'contour' our nether regions?

"New boxer briefs and men's briefs have a design that actually has a roomier pouch," the brand explained.

The fly does have a purpose.
Cottonbro studio/Pexels

"This new pouch design gives the man more definition, comfort, support, and freedom."

So the hole is meant for much more important duties than peeing, apparently!

Definition, comfort, freedom, and support are also crucial attributes in a good pair of briefs.

Although some blokes on Reddit consider it a useless addition as they would rather wear a more secure pair of pants at lower risk of letting their crown jewels slip out unintended.

So there you go - probably more information about boxers than you’ll ever need.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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