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Conjoined twins have two separate identities but are paid just one salary at their job

Conjoined twins have two separate identities but are paid just one salary at their job

Sohna and Mohna Singh are conjoined twins from Punjab, India

Sohna and Mohna Singh from Punjab, India, were abandoned by their parents at birth and lived in a poverty stricken shelter in New Delhi ever since.

Listen to the pair talk about their employment:

Last year, it was reported that the two siblings got two separate salaries for their jobs.

Speaking to the Independent in 2021, the twins previously said: “We are thankful to the Punjab government for recognising our talent.”

However, in a 2022 interview with Ruhi Cenet, the pair claimed otherwise.

The brothers told the YouTuber that they earn just $245 a month and only get one salary.

The pair work as electricians for the government.

Viewers were outraged with the idea of two identities earning a single salary, with one person commenting: "If they have separate identities they should get two different checks."

Another agreed: "One salary wage for two people? That’s making me angry."

Someone else added: "The salary part killed me. just shows you how bad these cooperations are."


Notably, many viewers saw the brothers as a 'great inspiration' who look like 'a lovely pair of young blokes'.

One person wrote: "May God bless Sohna and Mohna. These conjoined twins have one another through thick and thin. "No matter what happens, they’ve got each other’s backs. May they continue to be a great inspiration towards other people all across the globe. They’re surely humble and very down to earth."

Another commented: "Awww, this is awesome! I feel bad that their parents didn’t accept them. I remember reading a fiction story about two sisters who were conjoined and their life, it was sweet but made me cry. God bless these two brothers!"


"These two guys, no matter what hardships they are still able to handle and are still very kind. Send love," a third person wrote.

A fourth person added: "These two brothers are so cool. I wish them nothing but the best, and I hope they do everything they want in life.

"Can't believe their parents rejected them at birth, but I bet they were better off because of it in the long run."

Someone else thought: "They completed electrical engineering and do a job to earn a living even in this condition. We see normal people complaining and blaming their situation. You both are truly a inspiration for all of us."

Can't help but fully agree with the viewers there.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/RuhiCenet

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