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What is 'sploshing' as new bedroom trend takes over the internet

What is 'sploshing' as new bedroom trend takes over the internet

Get the washing machine free because things are about to get messy

Before you head off to your parents' for Christmas and spending a couple of nights away from your partner – or maybe your nan just won’t let you share a room – you might want to add a little spice between the sheets.

Well, amid all the dating trends that aren’t so nice, is a naughtier trend. You know, the good kind.

And get the washing machine on for this one because ‘sploshing’ is about to get messy.

If you’ve also never heard of this, watch below:

Last year, it’s reported the hashtag of sploshing had over a whopping seven million views on TikTok with active communities across Instagram, Reddit and X.

So, in explaining what on earth this (rather wet-sounding) word means, let’s go back to basics.

Psychologist at Onward and Outward Center for Inclusive Therapy and Wellness, Lana Holmes says the term ‘splosh’ first gained traction back in 1989.

This was because of a magazine of the same name (Splosh!) that covered the trend but also other types of fetishes – mostly those classed as wet and messy (WAM).

And it later transitioned into a video production site, gaining more and more popularity over the years.

Now, let’s get down and messy, here’s what it actually is.

'Sploshing' is a bizarre bedroom trend popular on TikTok.
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Sploshing is ‘a fetish in which people derive sexual arousal and pleasure from being covered in food products and beverages’.

Holmes adds: “For some people, it’s very pleasurable, as well as liberating.”

Ayesha Hussain, co-creator of Pass The Porn and founder of The Violet, also explains: "There are aspects of the mouth being a vessel that are inherently sexual.

"It opens, it’s moist, and when you get aroused, your mouth opens more and gets more lubricated."

If sploshing sounds like your kind of thing, you can really start where you want and when you want.

“It can be anything: spaghetti, cucumbers, chocolate, etc,” Ayesha says.

It's a little bit of a messy trend.
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“Watch every movement, taste every smell, imagine their saliva accumulating, and go from there!”

Kink educator Darla Delour told Glamour: "It’s not about using vegetables as dildos, nor is it adding a splash of whipped cream to your body to spice things up in the bedroom."

She says that sploshing is basically just getting excited about seeing or playing with a lot of food in a sexual context.

As always, it’s important not to kink shame people just because you might not be into it.

As long as it's consensual, legal and not breaking any major ethical boundaries then it's fair game.

If this sounds like a creative use of your Christmas dinner leftovers, then on you go.

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