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Why WAM is the new bedroom trend taking over the internet that you will have never heard of

Why WAM is the new bedroom trend taking over the internet that you will have never heard of

It comes as spolshing booms in popularity on TikTok

Listen, I know you might think you’re an absolute freak in the sheets. A pro in the bedroom. The ‘best sh*g anyone will have’. But there’s always something new we can learn.

And while bedroom trend ‘sploshing’ might be really taking off on TikTok, not everyone knows what it is. Or, that it’s actually part of a wider group of trends named WAM.

So let’s start off with what the unusual sounding ‘sploshing’ is. Here’s a video if you’ve never heard of it:

Sploshing actually first picked up traction back in 1989 because of a magazine of the same name (Splosh!) which later transitioned into a video production site.

Psychologist Lana Holmes explains it is a ‘fetish in which people derive sexual arousal and pleasure from being covered in food products and beverages’.

She adds: “For some people it’s very pleasurable as well as liberating.”

And Splosh! didn’t just focus on this one trend but other types of fetishes too, mostly ones that fall under WAM.

This stands for ‘Wet and Messy’ in case you couldn’t guess.

It's a little bit of a messy trend.
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As well as those partial to a bit of sploshing, Mashable explains that the fet community of WAM is also made up of people who ‘indulge with non-food substances like mud, slime and gunge’.

Yep, messy, but as with other kinks and fetishes that are consensual, legal and ethically OK - each to their own.

Creamy, a professional WAMmer told Mashable that they believe sploshing is her sexuality, not just a fetish.

She said: “I tried really hard to stop these fantasies. On my 33rd birthday, my ex-husband gifted me a cake that was covered in rich cream.

"I finally caved in – I took a big slice to my room, laid a towel on my bed, sat in front of the mirror and began masturbating.

Wet and Messy fetishes probably won't keep the sheets clean.
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“Before I knew it, I was smashing the cake all over my face and my body, and that was the best orgasm I ever had."

Creamy later joined the Ultimate Wet and Messy Directory and became a creator.

She says sloshing is ‘like catharsis’ and adds: “By choosing to get pleasure from humiliation, I am taking back my power from every time I was abused. I am the one in control, and it is based on my consent.”

Other WAM creators have ‘private slime rooms’ and sex coach Ayesha Hussain reminds others: “Different people find different things erotic.”

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