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Holidaymakers filmed fighting each other for sunbeds before 8am in hilarious video

Holidaymakers filmed fighting each other for sunbeds before 8am in hilarious video

He said people had been 'throwing their towels off the top of the stairs' to bag themselves a sunbed

Holidaymakers in Tenerife were seen racing for sunbeds before 8am.

They were clearly pretty keen to make the most of their time away.

Head to pretty much any resort across the globe and you’ll find eager holidaymakers keen to nab themselves a poolside sunbed.

People began queuing up for the sunbed rush.

And the rush to get a sunbed can turn nasty, with fights breaking out and dirty tactics coming into play.

Holidaymaker Thomas Clifford managed to capture one such early morning rush to get a lounger, with hotel guests calmly queuing up - at 7.47am, no less - before running over to claim their bed.

Posting the clip on TikTok, Clifford wrote: “Sunbed Wars. My wife told me that everyone races each morning to get sunbeds, I didn’t believe her!”

You better believe it, mate.

He added: “Haha, I couldn’t believe it! People were sniping by throwing their towels off the top of the stairs.”

However, fellow TikTok users were left unimpressed by the display, with one person writing: “Which hotel is this? Need to avoid. Can’t be doing with that nonsense.”

Another said: “OMG! Hideous.”

It was a pretty early rush at that.

While a third commented: “We were there this Easter, the sunbed dash was even busier then!”

When someone else pointed out that such queuing ‘wasn’t a holiday’, Clifford revealed: “Some of them were waiting there from 07.20!” Yikes.

If you’ve ever wondered how long it’s appropriate to reserve a sunbed for, then etiquette expert William Hanson has explained the unofficial rules.

In an interview with the Mirror he said: "Reserving sun loungers with a towel for longer than 30 minutes is a big no-no, beyond that grace period it’s first come first served."

Holidaymakers began scrambling to get a precious lounger.

However, he did caveat this ‘rule’ by saying this only applies to the times when people reserve the loungers first thing with their towels and then don’t use them all day.

It’s less acceptable to go and take over a lounger that someone has been lying on all morning but has been away from for half an hour due to taking a dip in the pool or going to grab a bite to eat.

But to make things a bit simpler, most hotels do now have rules around people attempting to reserve sunbeds with towels and staff will often take a walk around and scoop up any towels that are left on unattended beds - at which point, go go go!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thomaswclifford

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