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Tourist left at a complete loss trying to use Swedish urinals

Tourist left at a complete loss trying to use Swedish urinals

How confident are you feeling?

Let's get this straight out there before we start: men's toilets are some of the darkest and most depressing places on Earth.

I mean, it should come as no surprise to anyone; men will literally p**s anywhere and everywhere we can, and even when there's a designated area for it, we somehow manage to turn the entire thing into an utter s**thole.

So sometimes, when local authorities or councils are installing new toilets or whatever, they tend to try and make them as easy to use as possible... to avoid any mess.

However, one tourist travelling through Sweden was baffled when he was met with a set of urinals he had never seen before.

Sharing his experience to TikTok, the man, going by the name Stephen, wrote: "Fellas... I need some help with this one.

"Feel like an animal every time I go to one of these."

Where do you stand?

In the video, Stephen is seen standing in the bogs in front of a row of steel urinals.

However, unlike those you tend to see over here, these have a large grate running around them, with tile flooring behind that.

Stephen's basic problem here was where to stand, on the grate or the tile?

Well, since the video was put up, it has been viewed over 1.1 million times, with hundreds diving into the comments to offer their advice - some more serious than others.

One user said: "I wouldn’t risk it. I make sure the tip touches the stainless steel panel." (DON'T DO THAT).

How confident are you feeling?

Another quipped: "My poops always get stuck in the grate so I suggest moving as close to the wall as possible."

"Sir that’s a drinking fountain," put a third.

While another added: "On the grate with no shoes."

Some, however, actually tried to help the lad out and gave a proper answer.

"I'm Swedish and I can confirm you stand on the grate lmao," said one.

Someone else simply put: "The grate."

Our guessing is that the grate allows any unwanted spillage to pass through to the proper areas, which, if we're being honest, is something we wouldn't mind seeing more of!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @stephen_lessard

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