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People shocked by hidden use of Terry’s Chocolate Orange packaging

Anish Vij

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People shocked by hidden use of Terry’s Chocolate Orange packaging

While we're all probably guilty of having one too many sweets over the festive period, I doubt many of us knew about this 'genius' Chocolate Orange hack. Watch below:


Brits have been tucking into Terry's Chocolate Oranges since 1932 and its unique candied peel has been a fan favourite ever since.

So much so, that there's an approved etiquette to eating one.


But, even the most ardent chocolate fan might not have known about this hidden hack, as one TikToker, who goes by the username @michael_adams1138, has blown people's minds over how to 'correctly' use the inner packaging.

Neil Adams' viral Chocolate Orange unboxing was captioned: "I was today years old when I discovered this feature."

As he opens up his Terry's sweet, he puts the box to one side and focuses on the inner plastic packaging.

Separating the Chocolate Orange from what many of us might think is useless plastic, Neil begins to shock viewers with a hidden hack.

Credit: TikTok/@michael_adams1138
Credit: TikTok/@michael_adams1138

He picks up the little bit of plastic and begins to fold it together, ending up creating an actual stand for the chocolate.

That way, you can pick apart one orange segment at a time to create minimal mess.

Neil referred to it as a 'the Chocolate Orange display' and viewers were stunned.


"Wait what now?!" one person commented, while a second viewer added: "50 years on the planet and still learning."

"Learn something new everyday," a third also said.

"I never knew that," someone else said.

However, many joked that their chocolate orange 'doesn't last long enough' to be displayed.


Despite the magical hack, not everyone was able to fully focus as the clip included a backdrop featuring four bottles of KSI and Logan Paul's Prime Hydration drink.

The drink has been in crazy demand at the moment since its release, with scenes of pandemonium happening across UK supermarkets.

Commenting on the clip, one person said: "This vid is just to show off the prime. Nothing to do with the chocolate orange."

A second viewer added: "Tryna flex a chocolate orange as well as some prime?"

Credit: TikTok/@michael_adams1138
Credit: TikTok/@michael_adams1138

"House gets robbed for prime drinks, leaves tv and car," a third person joked.

Another added: "Flexing with that prime."

This follows supermarket giant Aldi issuing an apology after so many customers were left empty-handed this week.The supermarket chain revealed Prime would be hitting the shelves at its UK stores as a 'special buy' from 29 December at the retail price of £1.99 a pop.

Despite people being limited to one flavour per customer, it'll come as no surprise that the stock sold out within hours of opening, and many were left empty-handed.

An Aldi spokesperson has since apologised on behalf of the supermarket chain, stating: "We’re sorry that some customers were unable to get their hands on this product, however, demand has been extremely high.

"We limited purchases to one of each variant per customer so that as many customers as possible had a chance to buy it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@michael_adams1138

Topics: Food And Drink, UK News

Anish Vij
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