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Woman who's in a throuple opens up on how the relationship actually works

Woman who's in a throuple opens up on how the relationship actually works

Amber joined Legacy and Kenzie, who were dating already, in a throuple relationship that has gone from strength to strength

A woman who entered into a 'throuple' relationship with two women has explained how the trio makes it work - and of their hopes to one day have children.

Couple Kenzie and Legacy were already in a relationship when they met Amber through a friendship-seeking app.

The friendship they built soon took an unexpected turn when they all started to catch feelings for each other.

Fortunately for them, the relationship has gone from strength to strength as they prepare for their future by house hunting and share their hopes to give birth to one child each.

Speaking to the YouTube channel Love Don’t Judge, the trio chatted about meeting on Bumble BFF, which is specifically for people who want to make new friends.

Kenzie and Legacy (pictured) were in a relationship when they found Amber.
Love Don't Judge/YouTube

Although they all ended up with more than a new friendship, the three women wouldn’t have it any other way.

Amber, who was single before dating Kenzie and Legacy, said: “We all met on Bumble BFF. I remember seeing Kenzie and Legacy's profile.

"At first I was like, a couple, I don't know, but then I thought it could be fun so swiped right.

"We matched and decided to hang out. We clicked the very first day."

Kenzie continued: "It just escalated from there over the summer months - and when those feelings started developing, with Legacy first, she brought it to me right away.

Amber has explained how the throuple relationship works.
Love Don't Judge/YouTube

"I said 'No' initially because I thought if we try this and it goes poorly then we've lost our best friend.

"I was scared, I was really nervous in the beginning. [I was worried] that trying this out could lead to losing that relationship."

Kenzie, who admits to feeling hesitant about starting a throuple relationship at first, said she became ‘excited’ about it after doing research. The throuple have become popular on social media and boast 128,000 TikTok followers between them. They have also received mixed reactions after opening up about their relationship online, and Legacy shared some of the misconceptions she hears from men in particular.

They are planning to move in together and have children.
Love Don't Judge/YouTube

"It's a little bit difficult for some people to wrap their heads around,” Kenzie began.

"Guys will make comments about being involved or like 'I want to join', 'I like girls too'," Legacy continued.

"People also assume that I'm the 'guy' and I have two girlfriends.

"No - [pointing to Amber] she has two girlfriends, [pointing to Kenzie] she has two girlfriends, [pointing to herself] and I have two girlfriends."

Amber added: "People are like 'Who's the man of the relationship?' and we're like 'There's no man, there's three women'."

Kenzie quickly followed up: “That's literally the point".

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Love Don't Judge

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