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Man breaks down how much everyone paid after £3500 dinner bill sparks explosive row

Man breaks down how much everyone paid after £3500 dinner bill sparks explosive row

You might have seen the massive argument over splitting a £3500 bill, now it's been revealed who paid what

If you've been online recently you might have come across a viral clip of a group finishing up a birthday meal before the table apparently explodes into an argument over who pays what in the $4,600 (£3,500) bill.

In the original footage it looks like the birthday girl isn't wanting to pay her way while her half of the table says everyone should split the bill equally.

The other side of the table argues back that they ordered far less expensive food, essentially meaning they'd be paying for more than they ate while those who ordered the more pricey fare would get to pay less overall.

At one point the birthday girl shouts: "Like it's my f**king birthday, why the f**k should I have to pay for something on my birthday?"

The argument ended up being hugely divisive as people couldn't agree on whether splitting the bill was the right idea or not.

Vicc Gotti decided to spill the tea on the whole drama.
YouTube/Vicc Gotti

Later on the man who argued most about the price, YouTuber and TikToker Vicc Gotti, released a video trying to explain his side of things further, and it turns out he hadn't even realised that the water at the restaurant was $40.

He said he and his friends who were arguing for not just splitting the $4,600 bill evenly among everyone had ordered less food than the others, claiming he'd got calamari and a Sprite while the other side of the table had enjoyed champagne and lamb steaks.

Now there's been some more information on who actually paid for what as they got to the 'nitty gritty' of who coughed up what type of cash.

Gotti said that he and his friend AJ 'only paid for what we bought' and desperately wanted to know how the rest of the bill was settled.

The birthday girl said: "I paid for it, everybody else paid for their own share. I paid $2,000 and he gave me $4,000 back."

The birthday girl showed on her phone that she paid $4,000.
YouTube/Vicc Gotti

She then pulled up her phone and showed that a $4,000 deposit payment had gone through, which the YouTuber presented to the camera.

Apparently there was a group chat for the party where splitting the bill had been discussed and agreed upon, but Gotti and AJ claimed they hadn't seen the messages and thus missed the conversation.

This is one of those times when the comment section actually has the most reasonable takes on the situation.

They recommended that it was fine to split the bill unless the price went over $200, after which it should be totally acceptable to just pay for whatever it was you specifically ordered.

Someone else had the wise idea that the whole table should have split the birthday girl's meal between themselves to treat her and then paid their own way.

Sounds sensible.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/TikTok/Viccgotti

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